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Changing Domain Names and Not Losing Your Page Rank in Google's Search Results

There are 11 important SEO steps to consider when redesigning your website and more importantly switching domain names. Because the concept of time is awesome, we’ll jump right into them.

1). Export URL’s using Google Webmaster tools

If you’re taking your internet marketing & SEO seriously then you have Google Webmaster tools installed to monitor your site’s performance. If not, no worries. Simply install Google webmaster tools onto your old site before you design your new site. Export Google’s list of indexed URL’s on your old site into an excel document. Now you know which blog posts & interior pages have the most authority on your old site. These are the url’s that you should be sure to redirect to a subsequent matching new url on the new site.

2). Beware of Content Duplication During Beta of New Site

Ensure that your development environment or beta sections of the new site are excluded from search engine’s view until the new site is officially live and until all redirects from the old ... read more

What Are The Best Sites for Buying Premium Domains?

There are plenty of domain selling marketplaces out there. The biggest difference is the fee you’ll need to pay for registering and the commission for each transaction.

Here are five, in my opinion best domain marketplaces:

1. NameCheap Marketplace

– Fee: $0 Commission: 0%

2. Sedo

– Fee: $0 Commission: 10-20% (from seller)

3. Flippa

– Fee: $15/month Commission: 5-15% (from seller)

4. GoDaddy Auctions

– Fee: $4.99/y Commission 10-20% ($15 minimum) (from seller)

5. NamePros

– Fee: 5-10/month Commission: 0% (from seller)

Now, before you go to any of these to buy/sell domains, I’d recommend doing a couple of things first:

1. Research the seller

For instance, do they have a social media presence or a blog?

2. Research the domain

Has the domain been penalized by Google before (check Open Site Explorer)? Is the domain using a trademarked name? Has it been sold before (

3. Social media profile availability

Depending on your business, you’ll probably want a Facebook... read more

What is an Online Market Place?

A B2B eCommerce marketplace is exactly what it sounds like: brands sell their products wholesale in an online marketplace right alongside their competitors.

The Marketplace Model: Increased Visibility, Fierce Competition

Discoverability & Competition

There’s often a belief amongst smaller wholesalers that leveraging the Marketplace model will lead to increased visibility for their brand. In many scenarios, this is true. However, competition in a marketplace tends to favor larger, more well-known brands.

In a marketplace, all brands, regardless of their size, are stacked up against each other and the ability to stand out in a sea of competitors is limited. In a scenario where retailers are browsing a marketplace looking to buy, big brands have a major competitive advantage against their smaller competitors simply because of brand recognition.

What, then, can a small brand do to compete in a marketplace and stand out from other brands? One strategy small brands try to use is to leverage uniqu... read more

What is the Best Way to Do Marketing Online?

Some tactics could be used to do marketing online, and you may find more after you adopt the related marketing strategy, which will require a reliable web hosting service provider.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of producing blog articles, videos, photos, infographics, or any other form of ‘content’ that appeals to your target audience, with the aim of attracting visitors to your website.

How it works

Imagine you sell handbags. It’s coming up to the holiday season, so you write a blog post titled ‘The perfect outfit for the office Christmas party’.

In the article you list a dress, jacket, shoes and, crucially, one of your own handbags. You include good photos of all the products you mention and ensure you link to the product page where readers can buy your handbag.

So how does this attract traffic? This is your ideal scenario: a fashion-conscious woman is looking for inspiration on what to wear to her office party. She turns to Google and searches for ‘christmas party ... read more

What Are the Benefits of Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a web hosting package where the allocated bandwidth and disk space of a hosting account can be split and then resell it to different users in the form of separate hosting accounts. That means the reseller purchases the hosting space from providers in bulk and then subdivide it to numerous parts for the purpose of reselling it to different clients. Reseller hosting is a method for individuals to start making money of their own with web hosting. Hence, reseller hosting requires less knowledge on how to get started. Moreover, those who are comfortable with the internet can commence their own reseller hosting business.

Benefits of using Reseller Hosting:

Reseller hosting will not be much expensive for new entrepreneurs or for start-up businesses. In Reseller hosting, they will design their own service plan and their own pricing method. Reseller is able to manage their own branding through particular control panels and servers. Reseller hosting is nothing but the relation... read more

What is SEO Marketing?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation is an integral part of digital marketing. In today's time after getting social media and Google AdWords, it may have lost its place but still, SEO is important in digital marketing.

Earlier in the mid-90s corporates and big firms have just got introduced to the concept of SEO. They started hiring SEO experts as it was all about keyword stuffing and manual submissions. In 2004 startups started taking interest in SEO as they want to build their online presence. Hence SEO in digital marketing changed over the years. In today's time, SEO is very different from earlier SEO practice. Nowadays organic searches and website traffic are given priority in SERP(search engine ranking page).

Whether it's a local business, mid business or big business all are changing their marketing approach and changing to digital marketing. Therefore there is a radical increase in the importance of SEO in digital marketing. Nowadays people are always searching on a search en... read more

Advantages Of Pay Per Click Marketing

Are you struggling to find a way to promote your business online? Have you given PPC marketing any thought? This type of advertising is one of the best choices for startups, as it offers budget flexibility, measurable and quick results, excellent campaign control, and optimal business exposure.

Pay-per-click is the quickest way for companies to catch up with the progress of their competitors and orient the campaign towards their objectives. There are numerous PPC agencies, such as Searchific, helping businesses improve their revenue flow.

It’s goal-oriented

One of the top advantages of PPC marketing is being goal-oriented. It allows businesses to tailor their goals in order to achieve the results they hope for. For instance, pay-per-click helps companies get more phone calls by enabling clients to book appointments or contact a salesperson. Also, it drives visitors to their websites by encouraging them to make a purchase or fill out particular forms.

Moreover, PPC has the power to increase... read more

How to buy a new domain name from registrar?

Getting your own domain boils down to two ways:

  •     Buying and registering an entirely new domain, or
  •     Purchasing one that's currently owned by someone else.

There are pros and cons to both ways but ultimately, it's up to you whether you prefer to pay for expensive but well-known addresses (domains that are active) or cheaper but lesser-known ones (brand new domains).

One thing you need to consider is how to name your domain.

As mentioned earlier – A really good domain name can be the deciding factor that makes or break your brand, so choose one wisely.

1. Check for domain availability

Now that you’ve decided on a really awesome domain name, it’s time to check whether the domain name you want is available or not.

Checking on whether a domain name’s availability is easy enough. You can do a simple search with one of the domain registrars; or, use a Whois search engines such to verify whether your domain name is available or has been taken.

If the domain name you want is not availabl... read more

Branding a Domain Name Correctly

Google is one of the most well known online brand names – indeed it is one of the top brands of any business. Yet the name is wrong…! The correct spelling is “googal” – the mathematical name for the number of items the founders of the company were hoping to index. But in spite of the incorrect spelling, the name “” is one of the most recognized and used in the world.

Facebook, started out as “”, almost certainly for the better. Twitter is what birds do, of course. And few people would ever have dreamed of going up the Amazon to get a book. Many well-known online brands use domains which fail to really tell us what they do – yet we know and love them.

But you have to ask yourself why is it we love to buy books from a domain name which actually represents the name of a river? Or why we are prepared to adore a search engine whose owners clearly cannot spell? It is because they are massive brands and they have built those brands almost entirely OFFLINE. Massive public r... read more

Resell Web Hosting in Five Easy Steps

If you`ve ever wanted to resell web hosting, but weren`t exactly certain how to get started - this article is for you! We`ll outline the five basic steps necessary to create a web hosting business through reselling accounts that are provisioned in a reseller web hosting data center. While there are many details that are required to be successful in any business, these five steps should get you started, and with some diligence and persistence - you may become a sizable web hosting venture.

Reselling Web Hosting - Step 1: Get an Exceptional Domain Name. It may be obvious to you, but having the proper domain for your web hosting venture is critical to your success. Why? There are two basic reasons: branding (recall) and search engine optimization. In order to sell web hosting to your prospects, they first have to be able to find you. That is, they have to know that you offer web hosting accounts for sale.

The most common form of online research is the ubiquitous search engine. There are rea... read more