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Can I Host My Own Website on My Own Computer?

Just learn HTML,CSS,JS then write a website. Save it on your computer. Use a apache server as webserver for your website. If you can reach your website over localhost:80 you are almost good to go.

Now comes the hosting part. First of all doing that will end up in very very bad. I assure you. But for learning purposes I will still explain it and then why you shouldn't ever do it.

First of all you need full control over your internet connection. So if you are in a form and just use the dorms internet it wont work.

Assuming you have full control you can open inbound ports in your router. If you serve your files on port 80 you have to enable inbound port 80. Which basically means turning of your routers firewall for that port. There might be a firewall on your computer too. Needles to say you need to turn it off. Your computer will now be accessible by the internet. As I said if you are in a hotel or something like that you won't be able to access their routers config without credentials. You... read more