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Which is Better - PHP or Python?

Firstly, define “better”? That’s an incredibly subjective term that depends entirely on what you’re looking for. Do you mean faster? More widely used? Easier? Offers greater employment prospects? Greater availability of frameworks and libraries? I could go on.


What are Python’s strengths?

  • Vast array of built-in and 3rd party libraries/modules specifically for web development and server management (server management applies to web development too).
  • Those 3rd party libraries are well designed, well maintained, easy to install and powerful.
  • Ease of development. If you’ve ever programmed in Python, you know how easy it is.
  • Django is very powerful. It helps replace JavaScript and PHP.
  • [OPINION] Personally, I hate PHP and JavaScript. They’re frustrating to use and both are vulnerability prone. PHP more because of flaws in the language; JavaScript because of flaws in the weird-as-hell specification that lead to poor interpretations of how the JS engine should be implemented.
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