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How Many Users Can Your WordPress Server Handle at a Time?

The Number of users a Wordpress Web server can handle simultaneously is a function of the Server Capacity/Specification/Configuration, more specifically the size of your WordPress user’s visit process and the Server Ram has a role to play in this number.

There is a Crude formula that can give you this

X = Process Memory usage Size

Y = Minimum Memory required for you webserver to function (500MB in case of APache)

Z = Total RAM available

Number of users at a time (MaxRequestWorker) = (Z - Y)/X

So for a 10000 MB (10GB) Server and 1MB process size

(10000 - 500)/1 = 9,500 Users.

This above has lots of assumptions like Apache is the only service running on that server and that the server uses 500MB and process is 1mb

This is essentially a theoretical limit which may be different in reality, however it would give you a rough idea of what to expect.

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Web Hosting Server Location Matters in SEO

When it comes to selecting a server location for web hosting, experts always recommend the region where your target audience is. However, what if you are targeting a global audience? What if your website supports several languages for the diverse users?

When planning the SEO of your site, you would hear a lot about the importance of choosing the right hosting and the server’s location. However, how do you know what is right for your business? Moreover, how does it tie up with your SEO efforts? Let’s explore and find out!

We are going to have an overview of some specific cases and how to handle them to enjoy the best SEO benefits through choosing proper server location for hosting your website. Choosing an appropriate server location is a crucial decision to make when planning site development. Some questions you should raise during this time are:

    Why should you host your website where your users are?
    How can the server location affect your SEO?
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Benefits of Twitter for Web Hosting Companies

If you are a small company, particularly one with a global audience of potential customers, social media marketing is important.

For web hosts and cloud companies, it’s vitally important.

The typical web host customer base includes a solid percentage of ‘off-shore’ customers – customers not from the country were the web hosting company is registered. Every effort needs to me made to just maintain that percentage, let alone grow it, and what better tool is there for you than social media?

Only 10 years ago just 7% of the people in the United States used social media. Now it’s closer to 65%. But that’s not all of social media’s appeal.

There are approximately two and a quarter billion active social media users worldwide, and globally social media is even more of a phenomenon than it is in the US.

For example, in 2015 people in the Philippines used social networks on average for 3.7 hours a day, while in the United States it was a miserly 1.7 hours a day.

This type of usage is knocking out tele... read more