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How Many Users Can Your WordPress Server Handle at a Time?

The Number of users a Wordpress Web server can handle simultaneously is a function of the Server Capacity/Specification/Configuration, more specifically the size of your WordPress user’s visit process and the Server Ram has a role to play in this number.

There is a Crude formula that can give you this

X = Process Memory usage Size

Y = Minimum Memory required for you webserver to function (500MB in case of APache)

Z = Total RAM available

Number of users at a time (MaxRequestWorker) = (Z - Y)/X

So for a 10000 MB (10GB) Server and 1MB process size

(10000 - 500)/1 = 9,500 Users.

This above has lots of assumptions like Apache is the only service running on that server and that the server uses 500MB and process is 1mb

This is essentially a theoretical limit which may be different in reality, however it would give you a rough idea of what to expect.

If you require a WordPress Hosting that provide you with Unlimited users access to your site, check out SiteGround Web Hosting!

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Which CMS is fastest - Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla?

Speed is not matter on the CMS you are using, it matter how you are doing your website configuration.

When you approach the best website design services the first two options that you will always get for your content management system is whether to go for WordPress or Joomla. Now, you may have heard about WordPress due to its overwhelming popularity, but true experts will never keep Joomla very far behind. Both platforms can very well meet every need of yours and their similarities (and benefits) will naturally drive you to confusion.

But the ultimate choice has to be yours. You need to take the call that will change your website’s life. And to help you in the process (and relieve you from the technical jargons) here is a short comparative study between the two. Find out which variables suit your taste and instruct your developers accordingly.

Ease of use – WordPress always wins here

Starting from installing it on your web server to managing content in the back-end, it is actually the user... read more

Which CMS - WordPress or Joomla?

The two most common open source CMS are WordPress (WP) and Joomla. Here are the pros and cons of each.

WordPress Pros:

The most popular website platform in the world by far, so it has a big ecosystem of plugins, themes, and development community. It's easy to find a new developer if you were to switch agencies.

Plugin directory only includes free plugins. Commercial plugins have to be found by Googling or by word of mouth. Commercial Plugins are very varied and because the ecosystem is so big, one plugin will usually have its own site (rather than many plugins on one site).

Theme directory only includes free themes. Commercial wp themes also have to by found through 3rd party sources.

  • High degree of backward compatibility
  • When you update WordPress, everything continues working.
  • Can go years without anything breaking
  • Easy to use
  • Very beginner friendly
  • Although overall it's easy to use, it can still be quite confusing at times and it's a professional CMS at the end of the day.
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Signs that it’s Time to Change Your WordPress Web Hosting

Hosting is integral to the success of your WordPress website and something you should never be complacent about. A poor hosting provider or a wrongly chosen hosting plan can impact the performance of your site and the customer experience of your visitors. What’s more, they can result in lower search engine rankings and make it more difficult to manage your website. In this post, we’ll look at six signs that indicate it’s time to upgrade to a more powerful package or move to a better web host.

1. Your website keeps going offline

In a 24/7 marketplace, you need your WordPress website to be constantly online and available for your visitors. If it isn’t and your site goes down, even for short periods, visitors will become frustrated, damaging your reputation. What’s more, when search engines see your site’s availability decline, they’ll downrank it in their search results. Combine these and you’ll end up losing business and long term customers. If this is happening to your website, it’s a cl... read more

WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?

The number of people interested in developing a website grows by the minute. Whether it is a simple blog outlining a person’s day-to-day activity, or an enterprise-level website with all the bells and whistles, there is no stopping the fascination people have for websites and the Internet. Despite this interest, there are some hurdles, and one hurdle people quickly encounter is cost - as anyone that has taken this route can tell you, the cost of building a website can often be excessive.

While engaging website developers and programmers might have limited impact on the bottom line of large corporations, for the rest of us – individuals and those involved in smaller businesses – such costs can be prohibitive. Recognizing this fact, and to ensure that (as much as possible) the Internet remains a level playing field, developers around the world invest time and energy into providing people with the tools they need to set up websites independently and without crippling cost.

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