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What is The Test Web Host to Use?

The ‘Best’ hosting services are the ones that lie in the narrow intersection of ‘Best’ and ‘Affordable’ hosting. If you’re looking for the best hosting service, you have to ask yourself: what does that mean?

Whatever is ‘Best’ will largely depend on your taste. I would argue that the ‘best’ hosting packages are the ones that offer the most features for little extra cost.

Some hosting companies include a bunch of different features, but charge so much for their hosting. Other companies do not charge very much, but do not include as many features and/or they must be purchased separately.

There are very few hosting companies that will provide many (good quality) services for comparatively less money. You must assess what value these features have for your website:

  • Hosting packages that advertise “Unlimited” bandwidth and disk space, for example, are a con; there’s no such thing as ‘unlimited’ anything in hosting and this is a false-benefit.
  • ‘Unlimited’ bandwidth actually means an ‘unspec... read more

Is there such thing as Free Web Hosting?

posted on Apr 30, 2021 under Best Hosting, Free Hosting
tags: Free Web Hosting Secrets

Most people simply want something quick, easy, and free.

There are tons of free website hosting companies in the market. But as a smart consumer, you should know that there is no such thing as free lunch.

There is always a catch.

Running a website hosting service costs a lot of money.

The companies offering free website hosting need to make money somehow, or they will go out of business.

They do that by either displaying ads on your website, limiting your website traffic, locking you in their platform, and/or upselling their other services. Some of the ads displayed may not represent your brand well, and it can even be your competitor’s advertisement.

But what if you’re on a small budget?

Maybe you’re a non-profit who is looking for free WordPress hosting or maybe you want free website hosting for students. Don’t worry, we have a solution for you in this article.

As the largest free WordPress resource site for beginners, it is our job to highlight the fine-prints, so you’re making the RIGHT de... read more

5 Secrets of Free Web hosting

posted on Apr 26, 2021 under Free Hosting
tags: Free Web Hosting Secrets

Many people are searching for a free web hosting service to host their website, blogs or simply to share photos or other documents online. If you have a temporary project which requires a simple website, then you can choose a free web hosting. For most of us, we do not recommend a free web hosting service. We suggest you to spend several dollars each month to get a decent shared web hosting with low cost. Some of these professional web hosting service are unlimited website hosting, which means you can host unlimited domains or websites in one hosting account.

You get what you pay for. What can you get from a free hosting service? What are the disadvantages of such free web hosting? Get informed of its cons before you start building your website with a free hosting service. Otherwise you will find it is just a waste of time.

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Many free web hosting service providers earn money from selling ads and links. They have to make a living too. When you build a webs... read more

FAQ about Free Web Hosting

posted on Apr 16, 2021 under Free Hosting
tags: Free hosting

The first step into establishing a presence online is to have a website. In order to do this, you will need to find a web host provider that will store and share your data on the internet. Budget may play a role in finding a web host provider; a good option for those with limited resources is to opt for a free web hosting. Eyebrows are often raised when the term “free” enters the picture. Along with these comes a number of questions about free web hosting and what’s in store for customers that will sign up for one.

In order to present a clearer idea, below are some of the commonly asked questions about this type of web hosting:

Is it really free?

The first question that pops into one’s head upon hearing about this type of offer is that, if it’s really free. Sure there is no such thing in this world as a free lunch and the same thing applies to web hosting. The service maybe free in terms of monetary conditions; companies offering free web hosting typically doesn’t charge any fees and sign... read more

What Type of Hosting Do You Need?

There are many web hosting options available nowadays: free web hosting, shared hosting, dedicated server, and the list goes on. All these options serve the same purpose, which is hosting your content so that it can be accessed and viewed by people on the Internet. The major difference is how each is structured as well as the benefits they offer. Let's have a closer look at each of them.

Free Web Hosting

What can be better than a free web hosting plan? This is a great option for someone who wants to create a homepage or small website to share with friends and family. While free web hosting has received criticism for its lack of features, security and customer support, there are a few reliable free web hosting providers that you can trust. However, keep in mind that free web hosting is more geared for giving you a taste of having and maintaining a small, personal website. If you want to establish a powerful web presence with an online business, you will need to consider a pai... read more