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Choosing the right web hosting provider can be tough. With over 25,000 businesses providing web hosting services, how can you begin to find the perfect provider for your business? It’s a huge challenge, but it’s one that we have the technical expertise, research, and insight to answer.
HostClue.com strives to become among the leaders of web hosting directories.
At our hosting directory we provide insider information for web hosting companies and reviews for their services like:

  • Company description and  contacts;
  • Plans, products and prices;
  • Clients reviews and testimonials;
  • News and promotions and coupons.

Our system is designed to provide support for the following hosting types and categories:

  • Shared or Budget Hosting;
  • Reseller Hosting;
  • VPS Hosting;
  • Dedicated Servers;
  • Cloud Hosting;
  • Colocation;
  • Free Hosting.
  • We also have one specified category “Best Hosting” where the most recommended companies and plans are compared.

You can browse through the different categories by using the menu links at the top under “Categories”. Most are looking for web hosting providers from United States, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia, but you can also look for providers from other different countries.
If you would like to list a Web Hosting Company which is not in our database, you can do that here for free!

Why Selecting the Right Web Hosting Provider Matters?

1. Website Responsiveness, Speed, and Accessibility Make a Difference in Search Results.

Every business wants to do well in search engines, and website performance helps to determine where you rank. Slow websites can be penalized in search results, giving your competitors an edge — you need a website hosting provider who provides very fast, reliable services.

2. Your Website Must Always Be Available

Reliability is Key. With websites being one of the main ways customers interact with businesses, even short downtimes can significantly impact your bottom line. You want to choose a website hosting provider with resilient networks, and websites that can scale as your traffic grows.

3. Different Website Providers are Good at Different Types of Hosting.

There’s a difference between hosting a small WordPress blog, a major eCommerce website, a membership portal, or a forum. Each type of hosting places a different demand on the underlying infrastructure, and that directly translates into the performance for your website.

4. Your Website Must be Easy to Administer.

You have a hundred different things to do in business, the last area you want to worry about is website administration. Ideally, a good web hosting provider should give you an easy, accessible way to understand how your site is doing, and empower you with the tools to make changes.

5. Web Hosting Customer Service Should be Excellent.

If there’s an issue with your website you need it sorted out and fixed, fast. Choosing a web hosting provider with excellent support and customer service is crucial for your peace-of-mind.

We give you all this information and more. We help you choose the right provider to ensure your success!