5 Secrets of Free Web hosting


Many people are searching for a free web hosting service to host their website, blogs or simply to share photos or other documents online. If you have a temporary project which requires a simple website, then you can choose a free web hosting. For most of us, we do not recommend a free web hosting service. We suggest you to spend several dollars each month to get a decent shared web hosting with low cost. Some of these professional web hosting service are unlimited website hosting, which means you can host unlimited domains or websites in one hosting account.

You get what you pay for. What can you get from a free hosting service? What are the disadvantages of such free web hosting? Get informed of its cons before you start building your website with a free hosting service. Otherwise you will find it is just a waste of time.

1. Advertisement from Free Hosting

Many free web hosting service providers earn money from selling ads and links. They have to make a living too. When you build a website with a free hosting, you may be required to link back to their target website or advertisements need to be displayed on your website. If it is a serious business website, you should try to avoid these advertisements. In order to remove such free ads or outbound links, you may have to pay for them.

2. No Independent Domain with Free Hosting

Most free web hosts do not offer independent domains for the free hosting packages or plans. You can only get a sub domain with references to their primary domain. For example, if you build a free website with weebly.com, you will get a free website address or URL like xxxx. weebly.com, you can’t get a domain name simply like xxxx.com. Some free hosting service requires you to pay for the domain only, the hosting of the domain or website is free.

3. Poor Hosting Features and Few Customization Options

Many free web hosting offers only their online website builders for you to build your websites. You can’t upload a website copy from your local machine to their server through FTP. There are many website scripts and apps the free hosting service can’t support. You will have to stick to their in-house website templates or builders to start building website with a lot of limitations and few customization options. Many common hosting features may not be found with a free website hosting, such as MySQL Database support, MSSQL, CMS, PHP, .Net, Aspx, Email support, etc.

4. No Ownership with Free Website Hosting

The main drawback of free web hosting service is that you don’t really own your own website. Your website hosted with a free service may be prohibited to move out to another web hosting. You may not be able to download or back up your own website files. Or you may need to pay for such a website migration or transfer.

5. Unreliable Free Web Hosting with No Guarantee

With a free hosting service, your websites are to be hosted on the same server with many other poor websites, spammy websites. The free web host may not guarantee the server or website uptime, website data security, etc. Your free web hosting provider may frequently change their service terms and policies, they can stop their service anytime. Or even worse, they may sell your personal data to third party agents.

Website hosting becomes more and more cheap, especally the discount student hosting, or budget hosting for personal websites. Bear in mind, these are feature rich powerful website hosting service, and you are allowed to host multiple websites or domains under one hosting account.