All the Latest SEO Changes in 2021


The SEO industry is highly unpredictable. It makes it harder for marketing strategists and professional writing services to rank their content. The algorithms and trends keep changing. And before we know it, there’s a new set of rules ready to dominate the online world in a mere few months.

Similarly, 2021 was also ready for the SEO changes like every year before it. In this post, you will learn about new trends and find some old ones still standing in the SEO game. If you are ready to make your mark this year, check out these SEO changes to improve your content.

2021 SEO Trends for Professional Writing Service

It does not matter whether you are an online marketer interested in improving your inbound marketing strategy or a person just starting a new website. SEO guidelines do not prioritize one over another. The set rules are the same for everyone who is interested in ranking high in search results.

Take a closer look at the most significant SEO changes made for 2021 that will help you improve your search engine rankings!

Multitask United Model (MUM) for SEO Rankings

MUM is the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) model created by Google, 1000 times faster than BERT. Now that says a lot about how crucial SEO is for this global company!

When Prabhakar Raghavan introduced MUM to the world at Google I/O 2021, he said that the model was capable of analyzing online content like images, text, and videos in 75 different languages. This is supposed to be ideal for complex search queries.

He further mentioned that MUM can understand languages, generate them, and train across 75 languages simultaneously. MUM is still in the testing phase, but Google will soon be letting it out of the lab for all users like professional writing service providers, video content creators, etc.

Core Web Vitals for Measuring User Experience

The SEO trend prioritizes page speed over any other website factor in 2021. Core Web Vitals are three SEO metrics that measure user experience about loading, visual stability, and interactivity.

Loading: How fast can the page load?

Visual Stability: How stable is the page while loading?

Interactivity: How long does it take to get interactive?

If you are looking to improve your inbound marketing strategy by content development, you can use the Core Web Vitals to your advantage. If a new user finds your website but does not stay, it won’t be good for the ranking. So, invest in user experience as it is directly proportional to SEO success.

Passage Indexing for Long-form Content

If you have written long-form content before but failed to get ranked on the greatest search engine, then, this SEO trend will be your new best friend!

For many professional writing service providers and bloggers, it was tough to spend hours finding the right keywords and writing thousands of words per blog post. Yet, the result was no ranking.

However, passage indexing will change the old methods of web crawling and improve SEO ranking. Google has introduced this NLP feature that will index web pages and analyze the meaning of each passage. It will help long-form content creators to get ranked on Google. based on specific sections of their posts.

More Keyword Research…Again

While those interested in inbound marketing strategy and optimization are working hard to rank on Google, the search engine keeps updating its methods to answer queries.

With Featured Snippets, related questions with answers, and Google’s business listings – people do not need to click on a link to get what they were looking for.

This is why keyword research is becoming increasingly important as SEO practices advance. To improve your search ranking, you can target long-tail keywords and write specific articles/blogs about topics.

SERPs are the best place to find the keywords that you want to try. Invest more time in searching for the keyword than any other SEO practice. It will benefit your website or business in the long run.

Voice Search: The New Game Changer

Smartphones are becoming smarter, and people are trying out new features to improve their tech experiences. Similarly, voice search is becoming a trend on its own for SEO optimization.

Let’s say, you provide a professional writing service to clients who want to target voice search queries. You’ll have to search for long-tail keywords that are very focused. Keyword research depends on your target audience and the topic. Therefore, voice search queries will be more specific and to the point.

Still, voice search optimization is new, so you can take your time learning as an SEO content creator.

Original Content is Still Relevant

Despite all the changes to SEO practices in 2021, this one hasn’t changed. No method is better than writing original content to reach a good SEO ranking.

If you want to create a killer inbound marketing strategy to increase sales or bring in new customers, original content is the best way to do it. If you want to promote an old business online, authentic content is the way to go.

Google will look for keywords and page speeds, etc., to rank a web page, but if the content is bad, it’s going to disregard it anyway. Their AI web crawlers are more efficient now as they understand language and interpret it better than they did before.

Wrapping It Up

Although there are many more SEO changes in 2021 that are equally effective, the six mentioned in this article are the core features. They will help you prepare better content for search engine ranking. Let’s recap them!

The first one was the newest NLP model from Google to improve search results. This can help you search audiences of different languages and prepare more global content.

The second one was Core Web Vitals metrics to improve user experience through page speed. Ultimately, happy visitors return.

The third one is an improved Google feature for ranking long-form content. So, if you want to write valuable pieces, instead of keyword-stuffed articles, this feature will be helpful.

The fourth and fifth are for keyword research, one for text and another for voice search. SEO writing is incomplete without keywords, but finding the right keywords for the right audience is crucial!

The last one is the ultimate feature that will help you rank on search engines. With the help of the other five, you can write great content prices with original and new information for your audience.

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