AMD introduces Epyc server processors for the edge

AMD has formally launched its new Epyc 8004 Series processors, the fourth generation of server processors developed under the Siena codename. They’re specifically built for energy-efficient and differentiated platforms such as the intelligent edge, as well as for data center, cloud services, storage and other applications.

The 8004 product family ranges from eight cores to 64 cores. The 8004 core design is known as Zen 4c, as in compact. It has fewer cores, fewer PCIe lanes and fewer memory channels, but the payoff is in much lower power requirements.

In an era of ever-increasing power consumption, the 8004 series is going in the opposite direction. The product family has thermal design power (TDP) measurements ranging from about 70 to 225 watts. That’s more along the lines of a desktop processor than a server processor, which can often be double that number.

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