Ampere points server chip roadmap toward cloud computing

Ampere, the chip startup building Arm-based server processors and led by former Intel exec Renee James, has updated its product roadmap and announced new customers.

The biggest news is that the company is designing its own custom cores for release in 2022. Ampere Altra processors are already on the market but use the Neoverse core from Arm. When it introduces the next generation Ampere built on a 5nm process next year, it will be with a homegrown core optimized around cloud workloads.

“If you go back to the objectives we had, which were delivering predictable, high performance, scalability and power efficiency, we really need to develop our own cores … to be able to actually focus in on the exact way that the cloud wants single-threaded performance,” Jeff Wittich, chief product officer for Ampere, told Network World.

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