Being Personal & Sharing is the Key to Successful Content


Stories are powerful, aren’t they? They unite us, give us hope and teach us things we may not have known before.

But did you know that stories have another awesome purpose? What is it, you ask?

Stories, when involving your brand and business, can create powerful, successful content.

Wait, really? Yes! And I want to show you just how being personal and sharing your story will be the amazing key to successful content you’ve been looking for all these months and years.

Why do People Want Something More Personal?

In our overly cluttered world with ads on every street corner both literal and digital, it can be overwhelming and many consumers get burned out quickly. People don’t just want to see what they like and are interested in, they also want to see authentic, personal content. It helps set businesses apart and can convince a consumer to use that business.

Being authentic is incredibly vital to your marketing strategy, and the way to bring about authenticity is to be personal.

Yes, pay attention to your analytics but don’t write solely for them – write for people. How can you do this?

By writing your story.

5 Incredible Ways Your Story Can Create Successful Content

I know; you’re sitting there wondering what the heck I mean by your story providing successful content. Don’t worry – I fully plan on telling you just how this can happen.

Let’s take a look!

1. It Provides Authenticity, Which is Vital to Marketing Now. When you tell your story, you give yourself the chance to be authentic in your content.

Remember how I mentioned this earlier?

Authenticity is vital to marketing now and in fact, many millennials, according to Laura Brown from Social Media Today, won’t use a business that isn’t authentic. The millennial generation is a large one, and they aren’t the only generation that wants authenticity.

Don’t spend your entire marketing time regurgitating or copying off of others. Yes, you can get great inspiration from others, but adding your own personal voice, story, and perspective really adds a great, authentic touch.

2. Being Personal Gives a Realistic Touch to All Content. When you take the chance to be personal and share your individual story, you are adding an awesome realistic touch to your content.

Empathizing with your client base can be great as long as you’ve actually gone through what they have. If you haven’t, going for an empathetic marketing approach could prove problematic, as Danny Brown points out.

However, when you approach marketing with a realistic approach and give people realism in marketing, they will eat that up. Get that realistic element by telling your story, not the perceived story you have of your customers.

They will be more likely to listen and work with you if you are real about yourself, and they will eventually be real with you. What a great thing!

3. People Like to Know Information About a Business. People love information and they like sharing it with their friends who love it just as much. What kind of information do people like?

Well, anything that can make them look and feel smart.

However, they also like to learn information about a business. Do you have an exciting story about how your business was formed? Then share it.

“What if the business just happened – nothing exciting?” People still want to know about it. Share any story you have of your business – when it was founded or something great that happened – and people will greatly enjoy it.

4. Creating a “Personal Brand” Online Can Increase Traffic. You have your business channels and blog, but what about a personal brand? Have you set yourself apart from your business to provide more personal content?

If not, creating a “personal brand” is definitely something you should consider.


Because, according to Neil Patel, it can help increase traffic to your site.

How should you go about setting up a personal brand? Well, the first thing is to create your own Twitter account that you use for business-related content. (You can also have your own, truly personal one to post your truly personal things like cat photos.)

You can also make sure that your business blogs are listed under your name, not the business name, helping to set up a unique voice for your business. And, when you go to tell your story, this will help make it more personal and something people will really enjoy.

5. Being More Personal Can Strengthen Your Brand. As you get more personal and share more stories with clients, you might just see your brand beginning to strengthen. Why? Because becoming more personal can really help people begin to trust you.

As people start to trust you, they are more than willing to share your content, engage with you, and purchase products or services. The more this happens, the stronger your brand will get.

4 Excellent Ways to Get Personal in Your Content Without Overdoing It

Whew – now you know a bit about just how getting personal can definitely help your site. But, how much is too much? When should you step back to avoid overdoing it?

Here are a few great suggestions.

1.Make Sure You Focus On Authentic Stories to Bring Customers In. When you write your story, make sure you write it authentically. This will help your readers connect with it more and make them more likely to share it with others.

Just how can you make sure your story is an authentic one?

Carol Barash from Content Marketing Institute says that there are 4 different things that go into an authentic story including:

  • Looking for or remembering a particular moment.
  • Always writing the story in your own voice, since that will add authenticity.
  • Keeping your story going with a great flow.
  • Making the reader feel like he or she is part of your story by not setting up walls through words.

2. Have a “Personal” Business Social Media Profile. Now, you know that telling your story is a great way to get personal, and you know that having a personal brand can really add to that.

When you start going for a more personal kick to your content, you need to make sure that your personal business social media profiles are strictly for business. If you treat it just like a profile your friends would follow, you’ll come dangerously close to over-sharing.

On this channel, you can tell more of your business story and get it out to a wide audience. It also gives you the chance to share the blogs you’ve written for your business on a more “personal” level.

3. Interact With Your Clients After Posting Your Story. Your story isn’t going to have that much of an impact if you don’t interact with your readers after posting it. Interacting and engaging with your clients is a great way to drive overall social media engagement.

In addition, it can really help create more of a friendship and relationship with your client base. Focus on maintaining that relationship after your stories have gone live, and your content will be even more successful.

People really do love interaction with businesses, and if they are interacting directly with a person, they will really enjoy that, as well.

4. Maintain a Focus for Your Stories and Personal Brand. Yes, your stories can be about broader topics, but you need to make sure you stay focused on a niche to keep things organized.

Figure out the area you want to share with your clients, and maintain that throughout your stories and on your “personal” business social media profiles. Keeping up consistency is a great way to encourage more people to follow you, share your content, and engage with you.

This will help you make sure you write expert, authentic stories that can work towards personalizing your brand while also giving out excellent information.

Remember, when you write your stories, you can use that as an excellent teaching opportunity for your audience. You don’t need to have things laid out all professionally either. Make sure to add sub-headers, but you will find that being a bit informal will go a long way for your stories.

Sit Down, and Tell Us a Story

Stories are an epic way to create excellent, authentic content that your clients are sure to love and share with their friends. As you work to have a great, personal connection with clients, make sure you are always producing quality content that they, and you, will be proud of.

When it comes to telling your story, Express Writers has an awesome team of writers that can help give your story an awesome feel and voice, no matter what.