Can I Host a Forum On Shared Hosting?


Can I host a forum or community forum on a shared server? Well for most new forums, the answer is yes. Forum sites are very popular for communities and group discussions. There are many shared hosting companies offer free forum software, including the open source phpBB forum software, bbPress, Simple Machines, vBulletin, etc.

For those who are worried about hosting a forum community on shared server they are most concerned about the server resource limit. It is true that you have less server resources allocated if your forum is hosted on server hosting server compared to others hosted on VPS server or dedicated server. If your forum has very high traffic that affects other websites on the same server, your web host will pull off your forum and you will be forced to upgrade to a higher shared hosting, VPS hosting or even dedicated server hosting. Generally speaking new forums without many users or high traffic, it is worry free to host it on shared hosting account. Focus on forum building, management and promotion at the first stage. As it grows, monitors the site’s performance regularly.

There are a lot of free tools to help you monitor a web site performance, such as the most notable Google analytics and AWstats. Check with your forum hosting see what traffic and analysis tools they offer. Your forum software might provide some useful data you can make use of, like registered members, new posts in a given period, visits in a given period and so on. These data can be very useful to your website usage and server resource usage.

Best Way to evaluate your forum usage on a shared server

The best method to evaluate your forum usage on a shared server however it through the server resource usage and limit statistics if available. Many cPanel hosting control panels seems to have this report feature included. Before you hit the threshold, you should take action as soon as possible to avoid website downtime.

Choose the best forum hosting provider

Your forum hosting has optimized servers with high performance and lots of resources to support your forum scripts. Here we recommend several decent shared server forum hosting based on server configuration, network resources, forum installation, forum safety, hosting prices, etc. You can try SiteGround, DreamHost, A2hosting, DigitalOcean.