Common Digital Marketing Mistakes


Most marketers often ask what to do, so props to you for asking this question.

Knowing marketing mistakes can help your business progress faster as you can avoid actions that yield negative results — but back to the question, “what is the worst marketing mistake you can make?”

The answer is simple: running a digital marketing campaign without a goal.

Believe it or not, most marketers run ads and have no idea why they’re doing it. Is it to gain more followers? Clients? Who are they marketing to? Is it a short-term thing? Long-term? Does it have a deadline? Then they begin to realize they haven’t figured the answers to those questions.


They didn’t have a goal.

It’s crucial that before you start your digital marketing journey and initiate strategies here and there, you must have an attainable objective. Every business is different, and there’s no one size fits all goal.

Here’s the top 5 digital marketing mistakes that you have to avoid.

No. 1: Not Having a Goal

We’ll start with one of the scariest digital marketing mistakes on the list – being aimless. Without having a defined roadmap, you’ll end up trying everything without accomplishing anything.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Your most imperative task before diving into digital marketing is to set goals.

Have achievable objectives.

It can be as simple as acquiring your first 100 followers on Instagram, or it can be as challenging as closing 20 sales in a week.

The purpose of setting your goals first is to help you uncover the right digital marketing tactics to employ – not the other way around. Without having these objectives to complete, it’s almost impossible to gauge your progress or know if it’s time to scale things up.

Here are a few tips when it comes to digital marketing goals:

Plan and work on a strategy for every goal you have and make sure to include deadlines. Without any form of planning, your goals are merely dreams.

Share your goals with your team. You can’t expect your employees to perform their best when you’re only providing tasks. Context allows them to see the bigger picture and will help them find optimal ways to finish their tasks, which boosts productivity.

Don’t try to reach a hundred goals immediately. Having three or four should be more than enough to keep you busy and productive.

No. 2: Not Having a Buyer Persona

Almost the entire population uses the internet in one way or another. However, it doesn’t mean you can target all of them and expect sales. Your product or service can never be for everyone; that’s just impossible.

Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid, Tulumi

You need a clear picture of who values your product or service the most – your buyer persona.

Why is this important?

You see, there’s little to no success selling a nail gun to an accountant – if you introduce him to a calculator, however, the story changes.

It’s all about delivering the most suitable product to the right person; that’s how efficient advertising is done. This philosophy applies to digital marketing.

Not defining your buyer persona or target audience is one of the biggest digital marketing mistakes you can make. The more you narrow your audience to your buyer persona, the higher the chance of actually converting them into customers.

No. 3: Jumping on the Bandwagon Carelessly

Digital marketing is incredibly dynamic – Facebook may reign today, but there is no guarantee that it will be the same tomorrow.

Yahoo, Friendster, and StumbleUpon used to be a thing on the internet. They’re now relics of the past.

Given that the whole system can change with the availability of a new app, website, or even a new feature, digital marketing can be pretty scary – especially if you’ve gone a long way and acquired so many followers.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should panic and invest time and money on every new trend on the internet. One of the most common digital marketing mistakes that might not give you any ROI is jumping into the bandwagon right away.

Instagram TV or IGTV was quite a hype in 2018, but users still favored the classic landscape videos of YouTube. Countless brands spent millions of dollars creating vertical videos for IGTV, and no one cared to watch them.

When you see something new on the internet, give it some time and think about its users. Ask if the majority of them are your buyer persona. Measure the app or site activity; is it growing after three months? How about after a year? Has it caused your staple strategies to weaken?

If the answer to all the questions is no, then don’t jump on the bandwagon.

No. 4: Promoting Without Educating

Marketing is almost all about exposure. Making your product or service recognizable, iconic even, is ideal. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to close deals.

Yes, you may gain a significant number of people that visit your product or service page using paid ads, but the majority, if not all of them, won’t convert.



People nowadays are smarter than you think. Your prospects research, weigh if your product or service does benefit them, and look for alternatives.

Your way around this problem is to educate. Instead of only promoting what you’re selling, promote educational blog posts where you demonstrate its usefulness and value. Don’t settle for descriptions; go with detailed articles and videos that cure your buyer persona’s pain points.

Show your target audience the “whys,” and they’ll voluntarily reach for your product.

No. 5: Hiring Second-Rate Agencies

Some brands don’t have the time to market themselves. Restaurants, home-service companies, and healthcare providers are incredibly busy with their operations. Thus, hiring a digital marketing agency makes a lot of sense, but only if it’s not substandard.

We know everyone, not just entrepreneurs, is trying to save money. Not only does it keep you afloat, but it also increases your wealth. Being too economical, however, can do the exact opposite and is one of the worst digital marketing mistakes you can make.

Instead of hiring an agency because of its affordable services, opt for one that has a proven track record of delivering quality results.

You can think of it this way:

Eating instant ramen will save you money, especially if you’re religiously consistent – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After doing this practice for a couple of weeks, regrettably, you will get severely sick. You might even end up losing a kidney.

Your savings out of eating ramen won’t be enough to pay the medical bills ahead of you. The same thing will happen to your brand if you let substandard agencies handle digital marketing for you. Instead of promoting your brand in a desirable light, your brand might end up on the blacklist. It will then cost you more to fix the issue.

Anyway, you will need a reliable web hosting service provider that will not let you down when traffic increases as a result of your marketing campaign.