Hire a Freelancer or Write Blogs Yourself?


Both situations are having different aspects.

Situation #1. Better To Hire a Freelancer.

It is better to hire a freelancer as if there is a responsibility of the whole company on your should or any big contract you are working on. So, it’s better to hire a freelancer who helps you with your articles as well as it is easy for you to handle other work also.
Secondly, it also helps you to meet new and fresh talent for your company even it’s a start-up or well-established. You can distribute your working according to the requirements or the clients or you recommended some article or write-ups to the freelancers and pay him/her according to their work.
Hiring a freelancer is also less your work-load as well as, freelancers give the productive work to the company and with less expenditure, you can hire freelancers. As well as they are for the short term so it is really good for the company and the also good for the person who works as a freelancer, that he/she also get opportunities to work with new companies.
Even, not only new and fresh but also, the experienced person also work as a freelancer, so again it is good for your blog. Because he/she knows what to write or what attract people.

Situation #2. Write Blog Yourself.

Writing your blogs by yourself is good for the company because you know what is going on and as well as you know your content and according to your audience interest you write your blog.
It is also good that you can build your writing skills as well as it enhances your knowledge and abilities. Writing blogs yourself may increase your work-load but also help to speed up your typing skills.
In this situation, it also depends on that- can you provide the salary to the freelancer or is other a need for hiring a freelancer for your company.
According to the start-up company, due to the low budget, they aren’t able to hire any freelancer in starting. So, writing a blog yourself.

Either way, you will need a high quality web host who will guarantee the uptime of your blog!