How can I add SSL Certificate in my host when the domain is somewhere else?


The precise answer to the question depends highly on the specific hosting company in use.

But, as general advice, TLS (formerly, SSL) certificates may be installed on any hosting provider (or any server on the Internet) as long as the DNS records point to the server IP address where the HTTPS server is running.

An extra point of confusion is that the company where your domain is registered may be different from where the DNS records are hosted – for consumer services these are typically the same company.

It doesn’t matter who manages your domain names. If your domain name is pointed to your web host (you’ve added the name servers to your domain with your domain registrar), you can install an SSL certificate on your server.

On many hosting providers, you can do it via cPanel or Plesk. In your dashboard, locate the SSL certificates section and import your SSL files. For some servers, you’ll need the OpenSSL utility to configure SSL.