How Can Startups Accept Online Payments in India?


Payment gateway has a major role to play in determining the future of a startup business. Choosing the right payment gateway, as well as your web hosting, provides you an edge over the competitors. It will help your business in achieving new milestones by improved sales and increase in revenue generation. Most of my friends are running their startups and they keep on discussing with me various problems related to payment gateway and all other problems a startup has to face in the initial days. The major problems faced by a startup business are- time-consuming integration process, complex payment process, obsolete technology, security issues, and more. you should know that all these aspects might result in a customer churn and sales nosedive. I will help you in choosing the best payment gateway based on my personal experience. The different payment gateways used by me are listed below-

1. EBS – They’ve satisfied me with their technology. The major problem which I’ve felt with this payment gateway is their payment process which is time-consuming. The team members ignored my messages and shown their disinterest in helping me. They irritated me by their gesture.

– The onboarding process is the worst thing under this payment gateway. It’s too complex. There is no issue with cost. It’s a standard one. Though they are offering tons of great features but in terms of customer support, they are just pathetic.

3. BHARTIPAY – I have been taking the services of BHARTIPAY for last five to six months and to be very honest with you BHARTIPAY is doing great job. It’s too quick to integrate. In terms of customer support, they are doing a fabulous job. They are providing top-notch chat and mail support and they also respond quickly to the phone calls.

4. TRACKNPAY – My most horrible experience was with TRACKNPAY and there was never a second time with them. They are using very outdated technology and there is not even a single thing to appreciate about TRACKNPAY. They are having a good customer support but it’s of no use as they have nothing new to offer. I never suggest this payment gateway to anyone.