How difficult is affiliate marketing?


Well i just decided to share this cause i felt the frustration of not making a the first sale despite efforts. Note i said effort because the effort you are putting in might not be the one best for your campaign.

Now let me quickly explain why i feel affiliate marketing is not that hard though not a piece of candy though. Why people find it hard to make it in affiliate marketing is they just try to do only what they read and never try to experiment and build on what they read or learn’t. Now think about this if you bought an eBook which over thousands bought containing same techniques, how do you think that technique will really be effective. The truth is many marketers will be doing the same so it will be competitive.

Now the technique that will make affiliate marketing easy is finding a unique angle to what you learnt and tweak till it worked. Now these technique is what changed my experience from not making a first sale to making several sales a day. The thing is i am not yet there but a feel someone will learn from it and adjust so that they will stop saying affiliate marketing is not working.

My golden nugget for affiliate marketer that are still struggling. Trends make you insane sales even if you just started online business. Trends is hot and you can ride the waves. Now to make it work, you need to draw up a plan and also write out[ note write out] how you intend to drive traffic to it site.Do this and you will see affiliate marketing is not that hard.

Don’t hesitate to google and type “Affiliate marketing software udemy”, in case didn’t understand what I’m trying to tell you above you will find lots of information it will be useful for you.