How do I learn affiliate marketing in one week?


Affiliate marketing nowadays is one of the most joined businesses by online marketers.100,000 affiliates are in Clickbank only. Those kinds of numbers prove that affiliate marketing is doing well now. The fastest way to start is by tracking someone else’s strategies and benefit from their experiences. How you can start affiliate marketing within a week? How to get more sales as an affiliate? What strategies should you grow faster as an affiliate?

Find a mentor who has the experience to help.

Find someone who gives you his guide for success, and will actually support you. You can’t start on your own. There are some affiliate marketing strategies you should know and follow to get quick success.

Join an affiliate network

There are many programs out there you can join for free, like Clickbank, Digistore24, Warriorplus, Jvzoo. But you need to choose a product that is popular and most sold by affiliates. But don’t turn a blind eye on the sales page of the offer you’re promoting. If that sales page is not attractive you will get no sales!.

Paid ads

Quick results and time savers, but it needs some investment through ads on various social media platforms including Facebook ads, Google ads, Quora ads, Youtube ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads …. If you have some ads that promote your offer right there, you will get quick results in less than a week.,

Free traffic

Quiets need time and patience. You can start with no money by promoting your products or services through social media platforms and build your own business including Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest…, But I don’t expect that you will start to earn money by free traffic in only a week. Free traffic is powerful but needs time investment.

Build your email list

When you collect lead emails, you can email them with new offers. Even if they didn’t buy your offer, by sending them daily tips, providing value, support, and building trust and relationships through your emails. Then introduce them to your offer during the weekend.


Affiliate marketing is not a rich quick scheme, you will not wake up the next morning having a Lamborghini in your garage. But if you’re looking for quick results and want to grow quickly, go through paid ads. You need to know how and where you should put your ads, how to protect your account from getting banned. Get a course on Udemy or learn on YouTube how to securely advertise.