How often should I post, and what are the best ways to get traffic?


Starting a new blog is exciting, figuring out how to make it successful, is not. Knowing these few tips can help you take the intimidation and headache out of it.


Think quality over quantity.

Posting is great, Google loves it and your audience loves fresh content too. You’ll want to post regularly and update old content from time to time.

Give your readers value! Don’t content-dump on your site. Poorly-written, spammy or cheap content can do more harm than good. Three or four quality pieces a week will make a better impact than a new ‘average’ post a day. Quality content will boost your search engine ranking and encourage readers to keep coming back.


Organic or Paid advertising are the two main ways you’re going to attract traffic. You can use one or the other, or even a combination of both, depending on your personal budget.

Organic Traffic- people find you through a search engine or even a social media site.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)- grow traffic by increasing the visibility of a website on a search engine. A few quick things you can do to rank higher are:

-improve your page loading speed

-optimize your images

-use header tags to break up content

-optimize for mobile devices

  • Social Media Marketing- direct your audience to your site using social media channels. Utilize social media to:

-build a recognizable photo/brand logo

-keyword-rich descriptions (that still sound natural)

-provide a trackable link back to your website

-target specific members of your audience (hashtags, community forums)

  • Email Marketing- an email list can result in a significant boost in quality traffic. Create some type of “opt-in” to have readers coming back. Be careful not to bombard people with spammy emails.

Apart from being budget-friendly, working towards organic traffic gives you better quality traffic. Organic traffic methods will move you toward a user-friendly site. You’ll have readers who not only find you but spend time on your blog and frequent it too.

Paid Traffic- people are referred to you through some type of paid advertisement.

  • Paid Advertising- you’re paying to show up in the top spot for relevant searches. Most search engines and social media platforms will allow you to pay to advertise your blog.

-Google Ads, Facebook Ads …(you get the idea!)

  • Affiliate marketing:-pay a blogger or influencer to promote your site.

Paid advertising will get you exposure and direct traffic to your site. If your site lacks good content and user-friendliness, don’t expect people to stay for long. Start with some of these basics, and you’ll be sure to build traffic in no time.