How to Start Promoting Your Business’s Website


After working hard to create the perfect website for your business, you want to get traffic as soon as possible. It can be frustrating to stare at your blank Google Analytics dashboard and wait for numbers to appear, and it’s even more difficult to wait for business to start flowing. Without new customers, you’re at a standstill. So, website promotion is the most beneficial element of marketing for you to focus your efforts on in the early days of your website. But what’s the best way to go about it?

In this guide, we will cover four of the best ways to promote your website. This list contains a mix of paid and free options, and combining both tend to deliver the greatest results for any company. The good news is that advertising in the digital age is more flexible than ever, so you can fine-tune your strategy to suit your limitations or accommodate growth. Read on to learn how to promote your website and start getting real traffic.

Build an SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization isn’t dead. Although social media is the primary way to push traffic to a site, there is a major benefit in ensuring your site’s content is fully optimized with the right keywords and code. SEO is a multi-faceted methodology that includes both on- and off-site elements to improve your search engine ranking. SEO is supported by more than just targeted keywords and good design. It also draws from backlinks, sites that link back to yours. That’s why one of the most important facets of your own strategy is acquiring links to improve your site’s credibility. The more search engines see other reputable pages linking back to yours, the more likely they are to show your content to others.

Look for Guest Post Opportunities

Guest posting is the best way to promote your business by providing valuable content to a wide audience. You can also have writers with established authority write for your site and, in turn, bring their own audience to connect with your company. Having good guest writers also boosts social media visibility, increases shares and encourages greater engagement.

Quality leads come from writers who are already popular in your niche. Their audience should have similarities with yours and intersect in the most important ways. This is how you ensure the readers will be interested in more than just the writer’s content. They’ll want to go a step further and see what your business has to offer. Consider a mix of both guest bloggers on your site and being a guest on others. Lend your professional expertise to expand your reach and build a strong reputation in the process.

Think About Paid Marketing

Whether it’s a Google Ads display campaign, pay-per-click marketing or Facebook ads, paid marketing is one of the most effective ways to get traffic to your site. Budgeting is key here, however, as far too many companies have watched their capital dwindle because they endlessly ran ads for thousands of dollars a month and had nothing to show for it. If you are still small and don’t have enough money to cover advertising out of pocket, you can finance the extra costs with a personal loan from a private lender. Personal loans allow you to choose exactly how much you want to borrow and compare interest rates and repayment options before making a final decision. This can help you balance the inevitable expense of marketing with your own budget.

Create Shareable Content on Social Media

Social media is not a place for you to throw salesy posts on a platform and hope people click through to your site and convert into a paying customer. Social media is a hub for connection and engagement. It’s about promoting yourself through valuable content that demonstrates your expertise, showcases your goods and services and makes your audience excited to interact with you.

Shareable content is important for website promotion because it’s free and highly effective. The more people share something, the more others are likely to do the same. You can also cross-promote across multiple social channels to boost shares and engagements. Why not take a snippet of that IGTV special and post it to Twitter? Just make sure you don’t fail to differentiate any of your content across platforms. If you post the exact same thing everywhere, people lose incentive to follow you in multiple locations. The goal should be to create a network of interconnected leads that are targeted by you in unique, unintrusive ways throughout their social media journey


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