Is 5GB Enough for Hosting an E-Commerce Website?


You may be wondering if 50 or 100 GB of bandwidth is enough for your website. Bandwidth is all about the number of visitors (traffic) you have to your site.

99% of websites currently on the web use no more than 5 GB of bandwidth a month.

It’s only sites that are expected to produce a significant amount of traffic that will require a more substantial rate of monthly bandwidth. Those are usually image-driven or video streaming websites.

Here is a table that shows disk space and bandwidth requirements based on page size and the number of visitors:

Unlimited Bandwidth?

So don’t fall foul of those Unlimited bandwidth offers, for starters it’s a myth. All Web Hosting Providers have to pay for their bandwidth, so to provide an unlimited service is just crazy talk.

By unlimited, they mean that for the average user it is unlimited since they will never reach the limit. And don’t be wowed over by providers offering large rates of bandwidth, more doesn’t necessarily mean better. Stick to the basics unless you know your site is going to enjoy a lot of traffic.

Unlimited Disk Space?

As for Disk space, well that really is solely dependent on the content of your website. Most sites average around 150 MB with a single web page taking up around 1-2 MB.

I would strongly advise against pages larger than 2 MB. They are utterly impractical, and due to the long loading time, it leads to bad user experience.

Many Web Hosting providers will offer unlimited disk space. In my opinion, 5 GB is more than enough for most individuals and small to medium businesses.

However, it is worth considering just what the content of your website will be. Will there be banner ads, will you have a lot of graphics, video media and or photos? Will your website be database driven, or have downloadable software? For the average advanced user, 50GB is usually plenty.