Is Apple technology falling behind?


  • If you call SoCs that literally embarrass the entire industry year after year “falling behind”. SoCs so efficient they basically doubled the battery life of the newest MacBooks.
  • Face ID: Shrinking technology that once looked like this:

Into this:

While also making it the most secure biometric in any mobile device, even 4 years later.

  • Being able to take an ECG right from your Apple Watch which is then submitted to your doctor.
  • Curving the corners of an IPS display that’s also the most colour accurate in the industry.
  • Creating a 6K LCD monitor that can sustain a constant 1000 nits of brightness and a 1:1,000,000 contrast ratio, alongside the 2019 Mac Pro.
  • Speaking of the Mac Pro, name one other PC that can edit 3 streams of 8K ProRes RAW footage simultaneously with 0 proxies, or 12 streams of 4K for less money.
  • Tripling the water resistance standard for smartphones.
  • Managing to make the new MacBooks, iPads, the Mac Mini and many internal components out of 100% recycled aluminium, tin, copper and other rare earth elements.
  • And of course being able to design software that’s not only impervious to viruses while also having the optimisation to work on devices that are nearly 6 years old.

The problem is a lot of people seem to think innovation is about putting rushed, poorly-designed, half-baked features no one cares about into a product just to be first.

That’s not true – being first is not innovative when you’re in a race that never ends.

Real innovation is taking the time to engineer something so it actually works properly, and stays so for years on end.

Apple may not be first to release things but when they do release something – they’re usually always the first to do it right.