Is China a real threat to 7 nm chip production?


To the western politicians and media, China seem to be a threat to everything, I do mean everything. They are the ones who advocated ‘open skies, free markets’ and what not when they were the producers.

The rest started to compete and now the skies are closed and the markets tariffed and embargoed, all because they’re no longer able to compete.

Their last bastion, financial services are under the threat of competition and are scared shitless. Whose fault is it? Syria, Al Qeada, Russia or China? It’s non other’s fault except theirs. They have been complacent and bullying everyone into compliance and consuming the crap they dishes out.

China bucked the trend and took the initiative to offer the same or even an improved version for less. This was when it started to hurt western achilles. That pain caused by neglect on their part has been forthcoming and their remedy was still the same; force the market to patronise them.. or else. Servility towards them is their only solution.

Their homegrown manufacturers and consumers are moving out for lower cost. It was Japan that started bucking the trend. They stifled Japan. It was easy since Japan’s National Defense is by constitution under the US. With that came the final nail into Japan’s coffin; the Plaza Accord. Those unfair agreements is similar to how the British acquired Hong Kong; by duress and default.

China has nothing of these conditions like those of Japan. So here comes the tariffs, sanctions, embargoes and interferences. These filthy tactics will fail not only against China as seen in progress today but also in the future against any nation that threatens their hegemony, may it be India, Indonesia or Vietnam to name a few possibilities.

Therefore the 7nm chip may be a threat to their IT industry and so is everything else that is equivalent or better. Toshiba, ZTE, Huawei, Alstrom, Siemens and possibly Samsung had undergone that experience in strangulation.