Is VPS Hosting Better Than Shared Hosting, and How Much Does it Cost?


In shared hosting, many hosts shared a single server and all the resources. It is the best way to begin a small size website for a new starter.

In VPS hosting is the virtual type you can use a single type sever to a single website and all resources to a single website. Their fore speed, performance, and traffic handling capacity are more.

If you are searching for a faster VPS hosting provider then I suggest you some best names such as DomainRacer, DedicatedCore, A2hosting.

    DedicatedCore: Best Quality with SSD Storage server
    DomainRacer: Lowest cost VPS with SSD Storage Space
    A2Hosting: VPS hosting service for growing business websites

If you are starting new business traffic comes on your website is low, then shared hosting is best for you and traffic comes on your website middle and high then you choose the VPS hosting which handles it smoothly.

Many websites are hosting in a single server is shared hosting therefore their speed, performance is low as compared to VSPs hosting.

Select the VPS Hosting which gives the following resources.

  • cPanel and WHM access: It is necessary to have the total access of cPanel and WHM access with root access. For better performance of website and server.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage: Choose a provider which gives you unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage which is helpful to handle a large amount of traffic. It directly affects the speed and performance of the site and server.
  • Free SSL and Security Toolkit: Choose the provider which gives the Free SSL for better browsing and it gives free virus scan and firewall protection which helps to protect from hacker and site crashing.
  • Choice of a data center: The provider has multiple centers and it provides you data as per your traffic nature. The nearest data center affects their server speed and website site.
  • Customer support: It is necessary for that provider helps to build the website and increasing the traffic on the website. make sure hosting provide provide 24x7x365 days customer support.