Marketing Training Goes Mobile


Mobile training is the newest buzzword in the marketing training environment today. There’s no denying that the world has already developed a culture of mobile dependency over the past few years. Rather than being viewed as a distraction, L&D leaders have embraced it as an opportunity to provide quick and engaging learning content to their marketing teams, who are constantly busy with their daily responsibilities.

However, it is not enough to simply transform e-learning courses and modules into PDFs and make them mobile-accessible. To make your mobile training effective, you need content that is short but concise  and that’s where microlearning comes into the picture. By making learning mobile-friendly and easily digestible, learners can freely take their courses anytime and anywhere to their ultimate convenience. It is the perfect solution for busy marketers, who barely have enough time to spare for training. 

Getting started with Mobile microlearning

Mobile microlearning apps such as EdApp can help you get started with your mobile marketing training. With their advanced authoring tool, creating micro lessons is just as easy as dragging and dropping your content into their ready-made interactive slides. If you don’t have many resources on hand, they also have a comprehensive e-learning content library filled with editable courseware  completely free to all users. 

Here are some of their free marketing training courses to check out:

Marketing Training Course #1 – Digital Marketing

EdApp’s Digital Marketing course will walk your marketing team on the key principles of digital marketing, including its history, advantages, key channels, as well as its competitive edge over traditional marketing. Here, they will learn some tips and ideas on how they can utilize digital marketing to grow their audience and establish a strong presence in an ever-evolving marketplace. It also covers some basic digital marketing terms or lingo that they can significantly use in this field. 

As you’ll notice, this course has been broken down into four microlessons, each having content structured into small chunks focusing on only one particular area to prevent information overload. The topics are also put together using lay-friendly terms, ensuring that your team will be able to follow easily. 

Marketing Training Course #2 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learning the concepts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how you can increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website is also vital for marketing teams. This free training course will equip your employees with a primer on the key advantages of investing in SEO and a 5-point SEO action plan that they can use to increase their search visibility online. It has also included some successful case studies on how this marketing technique has influenced the growth of various organizations, which your team can use as motivation to strengthen their SEO strategy.

What’s great about this 6-part course is that each lesson is enhanced with a few quizzes and gamification features, transforming your training into a fun and engaging activity, rather than just a boring chore that they are required to take. 

Marketing Training Course #3 – Embracing the Startup Mentality

EdApp’s Embracing the Startup Mentality course is designed to encourage both the startup teams and the battle-scarred employees to embrace the startup mentality and ignite a unique sense of passion for achieving greater business success in the future. In this course, you and your team will learn about the vital importance of a startup mindset and how you can apply this theory to practice. They will also discover some unwritten rules for making agile decisions like a startup pro, alongside some pointers to remember if they made some bad choices. 

The biggest advantage of this course is that it comes fully editable – meaning, they are yours to edit or rebrand. If needed, you may also combine it with other marketing courses to increase the value of your mobile training.

If you have no technical experience creating mobile marketing training, we highly recommend putting your first lessons using the EdApp platform. This app is built with a range of powerful tools and interactive features such as its authoring tool, Spaced Repetition, Rapid Refresh, and Gamification, all geared at helping you design and deploy beautiful, engaging, and effective training courses.  Get in touch with them for more information.


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