Nvidia announces a 2023 launch for an HPC CPU named Grace

Nvidia kicked off its GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2021 with a bang: A new CPU for high performance computing (HPC) clients–its first-ever data-center CPU–called Grace.

Based on the Arm Neoverse architecture, NVIDIA claims Grace will serve up to 10-times better performance than the fastest servers currently on the market for complex artificial intelligence and HPC workloads.

But that’s comparing then and now. Grace won’t ship until 2023, and in those two years competitors will undoubtedly up their game, too. But no one has ever accused CEO Jen-Hsun Huang of being subdued.

Nvidia made a point that Grace is not intended to compete head-to-head against Intel’s Xeon and AMD’s EPYC processors. Instead, Grace is more of a niche product, in that it is designed specifically to be tightly coupled with NVIDIA’s GPUs to remove bottlenecks for complex AI and HPC applications.

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