Should I get my SSL certificate from host service or domain registrar?


Whether you get your SSL Certificate from a hosting service provider or a domain registrar, won’t make any difference to your website in terms of security. A $6.99 dollar per year SSL Certificate protects your users’ data the same way a $344.99 per year does. The big disparity in prices is due to additional features that come with more expensive SSL Certificates. The famous green bar, the dynamic site seal, and the brand equity are just a few factors that contribute to a higher price.

Many reputable hosting providers and domain registrars offer SSL Certificates as an upsell to their main product. Some are even offering free SSL Certificates for a year when you buy a hosting account or a domain name, tempting you to get the SSL certificate as well. While there is nothing wrong with this selling technique and their SSL certificates, I would question their expertise in dealing with SSL Certificates.

Their main focus, the bread and butter if you wish, will always be selling hosting accounts and web domains, so it’s only natural that they will direct all their resources in providing excellent customer support for hosting and domain issues. Sure, they will offer basic support for SSL Certificates as well, but what if you need extensive assistance in installing and configuring them on a specific server? Wouldn’t it be better to get an SSL Certificate from a company that deals exclusively with them?

There are many trustworthy SSL Certificate resellers on the market. Take for instance SSL Dragon. This company is relatively new to the SSL industry, but already a rising star. They cover the whole spectrum of SSL Certificates and work closely with various Certificate Authorities to bring you the best SSL price and solution. Finally, and most importantly, SSL Dragon provides five-star customer service via online live chat and ticketing system. Check them out before getting your SSL Certificate.