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Reseller Hosting Articles & Tutorials

What Are the Benefits of Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a web hosting package where the allocated bandwidth and disk space of a hosting account can be split and then resell it to different users in the form of separate hosting accounts. That means the reseller purchases the hosting space from providers in bulk and then subdivide it to numerous parts for the purpose of reselling it to different clients. Reseller hosting is a method for individuals to start making money of their own with web hosting. Hence, reseller hosting requires less knowledge on how to get started. Moreover, those who are comfortable with the internet can commence their own reseller hosting business.

Benefits of using Reseller Hosting:

Reseller hosting will not be much expensive for new entrepreneurs or for start-up businesses. In Reseller hosting, they will design their own service plan and their own pricing method. Reseller is able to manage their own branding through particular control panels and servers. Reseller hosting is nothing but the relation... read more

Resell Web Hosting in Five Easy Steps

If you`ve ever wanted to resell web hosting, but weren`t exactly certain how to get started - this article is for you! We`ll outline the five basic steps necessary to create a web hosting business through reselling accounts that are provisioned in a reseller web hosting data center. While there are many details that are required to be successful in any business, these five steps should get you started, and with some diligence and persistence - you may become a sizable web hosting venture.

Reselling Web Hosting - Step 1: Get an Exceptional Domain Name. It may be obvious to you, but having the proper domain for your web hosting venture is critical to your success. Why? There are two basic reasons: branding (recall) and search engine optimization. In order to sell web hosting to your prospects, they first have to be able to find you. That is, they have to know that you offer web hosting accounts for sale.

The most common form of online research is the ubiquitous search engine. There are rea... read more

What's the Buzz in Web Hosting?

What’s the buzz in web hosting? While a lot of the industry’s focus is on tried and tested web hosting staples, equally as much is directed on the new technologies that promise more than ever before, and seem to be the solution to everyone’s problems – whatever it might be. Without any further ado, below is the current list of ‘hot’ items in the world of web hosting, alongside why they are causing so much buzz.

1. The Cloud

What is it?

The cloud (or cloud computing) is defined as computer hardware and software resources delivered to users as a service over the Internet. Basically, in cloud computing, users and individuals no longer need to manage their own IT requirements as applications, platform and storage are offered by third parties. For the individual, this might mean rather than having your own email server account and an email client installed on your computer, you simply open a Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, or Yahoo! Mail account (these are the leading Cloud email providers at the mome... read more

Top 10 cybersecurity trends in 2021

The financial impact of global cybercrime is expected to reach a horrendous amount of USD 6 trillion in 2021 and can increase to USD 10.5 trillion annually by the year 2025. (1)

Terrifying, isn’t it?

Cybercrime is turning out to be a pressing issue for businesses worldwide.

The advanced businesses that deal with a lot of data are at the top of the vulnerability risks. From malicious viruses, malware, denial of services’ attacks, ransomware attacks to the latest Solorigate attack – the one that took place on the SolarWinds software and affected a lot of related organizations, the cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly evolving.

The attacks are becoming more sophisticated and are well-funded. This means the attackers are capable to use advanced technologies to break into the strongest of the security systems. All they need is a weak door.

As cybersecurity evolves, it is important for you as organizations or individual users to be aware of the latest cybersecurity trends. This will help ... read more