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6 Reasons Why an E-commerce Website Is Important for Your Business

posted on Jan 19, 2022
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The world has gone online. Gone are the days when we used to visit malls and shop at retail stores for our everyday wants and needs. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever before to order a product you like while sitting on your living room couch or browse through different brands on your desktop or mobile device, with the goods arriving at your doorstep only a few days later. Shopping online offers convenience, better deals and a whole new shopping experience.

It is time for you to hop on this bandwagon as well! Starting an e-commerce website for your business ensures that no market remains unexplored by you – after all, over 50% of consumers worldwide have made purchases online. It might be hard to get going at first, but if you do things right from the start, your business surely will profit in the long run.

Why Do You Need an E-commerce Website?

If you have a business, an e-commerce website can be a great way to increase your revenue. Online retail sales have been growing stead... read more

Top 6 Criteria for Selecting an MSP

In a bid to gain an edge in the competitive marketplace, many organizations are imbibing emerging technologies like cloud, AI, and ML into their business processes. However, the implementation of such technologies is unwittingly breeding a diverse and complex hybrid IT environment.

These complex IT environs typically span multiple business models, processes, and data, making it complicated and costly for organizations. Enterprises which rely solely on their efforts to manage such environs are simply sub-optimal at delivering on their core business agendas. Taking cognizance of this conundrum, IT Managed Services Providers (MSPs) have come to the fore.

Managed IT services feature a range of capabilities, providing more potential than ever for IT organizations to transform, grow, and innovate. With MSPs, clients can focus on more business-critical activities and achieve better results. But there’s a catch. With a plethora of possible MSPs, it could be a tightrope walk for clients ... read more

eCommerce Mobile App Development: Tips to Build an App That Sells Well in 2022

Making purchases through websites and eCommerce apps has become the most popular and convenient way to do shopping. According to Statista, the global eCommerce software application market will bring over 1.3 billion dollars in revenue between 2019 and 2024. So, if you still haven’t entered the eCommerce market, it’s high time to launch an eCommerce app for your business.

Check out this article to learn everything you need to know about mobile shopping app development and the top mobile commerce trends in 2022.

Mobile Commerce Trends in 2022

The constant growth of the eCommerce market contributes to the active development of new aspects in mobile commerce. So, whether you plan to build an eCommerce application or already have one, you should be aware of the recent trends in eCommerce mobile app development so you can benefit from them.


Chatbots enable businesses to automate communications with customers on a 24/7 basis. This mobile commerce technology allows bus... read more

How are Electronic Signatures and Digital Signatures Different from Each Other?

People often get confused between an electronic signature and a digital signature. Many people think that the meanings of both these terms are identical and that they are interchangeable. However, this is not the case. Both these terms are different from each other. In this article you will learn about electronic and digital signatures in detail and how these two concepts are different.

Electronic Signatures

An electronic signature, also known as eSignature, is a digital form of a wet ink signature. It can be described as any electronic symbol, image, process, or sound attached to a message or document to recognize the identity and provide consent on it. It is often associated with a record or contract where a third party intends to sign the document. To put it simply, when there is a requirement to verify the document, eSignatures are used. It specifies that a person has acknowledged the contents of any electronic message or is authorizing that he/she is the person who has writ... read more

Why Cryptography Is Heavily Used in Internet Communications

Today, the internet has become the way to communicate, do business, shopping, study, etc. The covid pandemic has soared its usage even amongst those who did not use it earlier. Given that, it has also become the place for storing your most sensitive data. Simultaneously, the threat to our security and invasion of privacy has become a big concern. This is where cryptography and encryption come into the picture.

Here, we need to understand what cryptography is and why it is heavily used in internet communications.

What is Cryptography?

Cryptography is a technology that embraces coding and increases digital information and physical assets security. Through it, resources like network connections, computer time, and access to databases are accessible only to those individuals, systems, software processes, etc., authorized to access them.

In the term Cryptography, ‘Crypt’ stands for ‘hidden/vault.’ In contrast, ‘graph’ stands for ‘writing.’ The process involves using encryption ... read more

8 Tips to Efficiently Manage Your E-store Orders During Sales Season

As a business owner, planning and managing sales can be a very hard task.

Sale seasons provide sellers with a great opportunity to clear old stock and improve purchases. Yet, the entire process can be very tricky and a wrong step can ruin the entire experience.

To make sure you don’t make mistakes during an overwhelming sale, we are here with 8 tips that can make it easier to manage orders without affecting brand targets.

8 Tips for Better Order Management

Below are 8 tips, we think you should consider to better manage orders during a big sale.

1. Understand Your Sales Trend

Analyzing your data and making decisions based on quantitative facts is very important. If you don’t know the trend of your brand sales and have only a vivid idea, you won’t be able to plan things properly. Therefore, as your brand grows, you should keep a record of all your products, sales, and services.

Managing orders during a hyped sale period is hard but if you have previous data to work ... read more

The Banking Tech Stack for 2021: The Next-Gen CRM

If we ask people about their first association with banks, the majority will think about complex and highly regulated institutions—an image that is hard to connect with the now happening digital-first revolution. Meanwhile, we know we can order a new credit card through a mobile app and engage in a witty exchange with our bank on Twitter. So, are these previously traditional and heavy-footed institutions just accelerating their digitization?

With customers switching banks in the pursuit of better experience, banks face the reality where besides implementing a mobile app and creating social media accounts, they need to direct their digitization efforts towards yet another overarching trend—customer centricity. They need to understand who their customers are, meet them where they are, and personalize their journeys.

Good news is, such a tool as a Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) can serve not only your bank’s needs but help it put customer experience at the center of all acti... read more

4 Effective UI Improvements to Skyrocket Website Conversions

One of the most significant barriers for websites to get conversions is the website itself, precisely due to the User Interface (UI) and UX (User Experience).

Today, there are many ways to build a unique website without spending too much time or resources. These easy tweaks will help boost user experience and boost the website’s conversion rates.

Note: there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for improving UI. As we move into an increasingly connected world that has seen the most significant shift to online since WWW was introduced- it is now even more crowded and competitive.

Image courtesy of <a href=”https://www.broadbandsearch.net/blog/internet-statistics”>Broadband Search</a>

Getting in front of consumers ahead of your competitors has never been easy. And now, thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest, social and online presence have become one of the most vital parts of a business today.

What is UI?

The user interface is... read more

How to Get Better Responses on your Customer Feedback Forms

Auditing your performance is a standard business practice. Regular performance reports let you know what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and what needs changing. In addition, you can tell how your business is doing by looking at data—like sales, site traffic, brand mentions, reviews, and so on.

However, there’s nothing like asking the customer directly. Getting feedback straight from your customers saves you from speculating. For example, instead of concluding that one of your landing pages isn’t effective, you get to ask customers exactly why it isn’t working.

That said, using customer feedback forms is not without its challenges. You want honest feedback, not just a positive one. In some cases, customers will write down inaccurate and nonsensical responses, which don’t really help paint a picture of their experience with you.

So, how do you get accurate and thoughtful responses in your feedback forms? Here are a few valuable tips to help you create the most eff... read more

The Future of Business Payments – Trends and Predictions

Payment methods have advanced technologically and rapidly in the past few years. Consumers can choose different ways depending on their circumstances as more payment methods have been streamlined. Payment methods move from traditional cash points as more people live cashless, meaning contactless payment methods are desirable. The new techniques also make it easier to move and manage money.

Biometric identification

Apple Pay and, more recently, Android Pay opened the gates to biometric authentication, from using fingerprints to using facial recognition. However, the technology’s growth is slow due to software support being limited. With software upgrades and more product launches, the future of business payments will open the world.

Heart beat analysis and iris recognition are currently tested technologies to ensure that payments’ security is up to standard, and every loophole is closed to criminals. With its accuracy and efficiency, more customers are using biometric payment ... read more