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Pros & Cons of Rebranding Facebook to Meta

One of the most well-known internet platforms, Facebook, is rebranding to signal and embrace futuristic ideas, with the term metaverse. The name Metaverse is the latest keyword to capture the imagination of the tech industry in such a way. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he changed his company name to Meta Platforms Inc., or Meta for short.

What is Facebook’s Plan for the Metaverse?

Mark Zuckerberg describes it as a “virtual environment” that you can step into. It’s an endless world of interconnected virtual communities, where people can meet, work, and play, using virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphone apps, or other devices.

The virtual environment created by Facebook can also do things like go to virtual concerts, travel online, view or create art and virtually try on or buy clothes.

Facebook has launched a meeting software for enterprises, called Horizon Workrooms, for use with its Oculus VR headsets. Create a metaverse experience of... read more

7 Essential SEO Tips for Beginners to Boost Traffic

Even if you’re not in a technical position, you’ve likely heard of search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization is a powerful tool that drives business in all industries, no matter if you own a small business or are a Fortune 500 executive. You can optimize your pages to appear higher in search engine results by producing high-quality content.

Your website’s rank for the correct search queries will determine how much traffic you can drive to it. After all, many internet users — a whopping 75% — tend not to look past the first page of search results. SEO is a must-have part of any digital marketing strategy to grow your company. With so many people using the internet to search for what they need, it’s impossible to ignore SEO.

In our recent State of Content Marketing Report, 67% of content marketing professionals surveyed indicated that improving SEO performance is a top priority for their company. Another 73% stated that they use their SEO skills and tools freque... read more

4 Effective UI Improvements to Skyrocket Website Conversions

One of the most significant barriers for websites to get conversions is the website itself, precisely due to the User Interface (UI) and UX (User Experience).

Today, there are many ways to build a unique website without spending too much time or resources. These easy tweaks will help boost user experience and boost the website’s conversion rates.

Note: there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for improving UI. As we move into an increasingly connected world that has seen the most significant shift to online since WWW was introduced- it is now even more crowded and competitive.

Image courtesy of <a href=”https://www.broadbandsearch.net/blog/internet-statistics”>Broadband Search</a>

Getting in front of consumers ahead of your competitors has never been easy. And now, thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest, social and online presence have become one of the most vital parts of a business today.

What is UI?

The user interface is... read more

11 Most Promising Open-Source Technologies

Open-source technology, by definition, is software anyone can use and modify for free. It gets developed by a community of programmers with no other goal than to create something awesome. So in a world where most of the tech industry orients towards making a profit, open-source technology is truly worth celebrating. It speaks to the passion that IT professionals share for building applications. And whether you’re looking for something for recording your voice or helping you build the top mobile casinos Canadathere’s free software for pretty much all purposes. But, obviously, some of them are more beneficial than others. Here’s our top open-source technology list to help you pick the best software for your various tasks. Let’s dive in.

1. WordPress – Open-source Technology to Build a Fully Functional Website

One of the top reasons why we use open-source technology is that it’s better than similar editions of paid software. That’s the case with WordPress. The platform that start... read more

How to Get Better Responses on your Customer Feedback Forms

Auditing your performance is a standard business practice. Regular performance reports let you know what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and what needs changing. In addition, you can tell how your business is doing by looking at data—like sales, site traffic, brand mentions, reviews, and so on.

However, there’s nothing like asking the customer directly. Getting feedback straight from your customers saves you from speculating. For example, instead of concluding that one of your landing pages isn’t effective, you get to ask customers exactly why it isn’t working.

That said, using customer feedback forms is not without its challenges. You want honest feedback, not just a positive one. In some cases, customers will write down inaccurate and nonsensical responses, which don’t really help paint a picture of their experience with you.

So, how do you get accurate and thoughtful responses in your feedback forms? Here are a few valuable tips to help you create the most eff... read more

14 Best Teamwork Hacks and Tools

Although the productivity of a group depends much on members’ motivations and skills, certain organizational improvements can contribute to it as well. Especially, in cases when team members work partially or fully remote. For those who want to stop bad performance – here is a practical checklist to follow.

6 Tips to Boost Teamwork

1. Avoid micromanagement

No one likes operating in a stressful environment, and a never-ending flow of commentaries and reminders is just what triggers this kind of working environment. Too relaxed or carefree management, however, is not a good option either. If you want to encourage employees to take charge of work results and be proactive, you should find a perfect balance between supervision and independence. Consider doing the following:

  • delegate tasks
  • hire the right person for the right job
  • clearly explain what you expect to get
  • collect feedback from employees

2. Don’t overdo it with meetings

It may seem that all problems can be solve... read more

Hands-off Content Creation: How to Leverage UGC On & Off Social Media

One strategic decision could mean the difference between increasing e-commerce sales by 50% year-over-year, or not. And for the British clothing brand Burberry, this was their exact outcome after launching a website called “the Art of the Trench” in 2009.

The concept for this site was simple: Provide a space for customers to share photos of themselves wearing Burberry clothing (i.e., user-generated content). From there, anyone could like, comment, and re-share the content on social media.

In its first year, the site received 7.5 million views and was a massive success.

The reason?

User-generated content (UGC) is an extremely valuable tool for marketing a business, demonstrating value proposition, and boosting engagement. It influences purchasing decisions for 79% of people and is also 9.8x more effective than influencer-created content.

What’s more is that brands can reap all of the benefits of UGC without spending much, or any, of their own marketing dollars. It’s hand... read more

What are LSI Keywords and how do They Impact SEO?

Suppose you are at a construction site.

You see the site engineer using a measuring tape to find out the length of a wall. A little later, he tells his colleague to note down 30 feet.

Using your senses, you quickly understand that ‘feet’ here refers to the unit of measurement and not the human body part.

But, search engines are not capable of this.

They don’t have sensory organs to help them differentiate between the feet used to measure and the feet used to stand.

So, LSI keywords come into the picture.

What Are LSI Keywords?

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing.

It was developed in the late 1980s to extract precise information from large data sets. However, over the years, it has improved tremendously.

Almost ALL search engines use it to understand the content on web pages and rank them better. (Even if they say there’s no such thing as LSI keywords!)

LSI keywords are simply terms or phrases related to the main keyword on a web page.

They are sema... read more

4 Content Writing and Editing Tools Adjusted for Search Engines

Just like any other creative task, writing a good copy can be a nightmare. It gets even worse when you realize that creating content that ranks high on search engines is more than just drafting a good copy. Rather, creating high-ranking content involves using proper paragraph divisions, keywords, optimizing HTML tags, and the list goes on and on.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best content writing and editing tools that will help you create optimized content for search engines.

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

Yoast’s Real-time Content Analysis

If you’re looking for a handy content writing tool, then Yoast’s Real-time Content Analysis is your best option. Basically, this two-pronged tool combines SEO advice and writing processor features.

Using this tool, you can easily create and edit your titles and meta descriptions and get a glimpse of what it would look like on the SERP. You also get an in-depth analysis of your content and editing s... read more

Seven Pro Tips to help Remote Teams Socialize

Through the rise of remote work, more and more people realize that there’s a lot to be gained from not being physically present. This separation poses vast challenges for collaboration, but when you don’t see your colleagues every day, it can also affect how connected you feel with them too.

We all know that distance can make things difficult. It might not be easy to stay in touch with others, important emotional context gets lost or misinterpreted in a conversation where there is no face-to-face connection between parties–relationships with colleagues weaken.

You know that socializing is an important part of building good relationships on teams. Whether you’re based at one location or across different time zones, the key thing here is that there should always be some form of connection between everyone involved!

So you want to make sure your remote working team is always connected and happy? Today, we are sharing some pro tips that can help you increase workplace socializati... read more