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Open-source Technology Articles & Tutorials

11 Most Promising Open-Source Technologies

Open-source technology, by definition, is software anyone can use and modify for free. It gets developed by a community of programmers with no other goal than to create something awesome. So in a world where most of the tech industry orients towards making a profit, open-source technology is truly worth celebrating. It speaks to the passion that IT professionals share for building applications. And whether you’re looking for something for recording your voice or helping you build the top mobile casinos Canadathere’s free software for pretty much all purposes. But, obviously, some of them are more beneficial than others. Here’s our top open-source technology list to help you pick the best software for your various tasks. Let’s dive in.

1. WordPress – Open-source Technology to Build a Fully Functional Website

One of the top reasons why we use open-source technology is that it’s better than similar editions of paid software. That’s the case with WordPress. The platform that start... read more