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11 Most Promising Open-Source Technologies

Open-source technology, by definition, is software anyone can use and modify for free. It gets developed by a community of programmers with no other goal than to create something awesome. So in a world where most of the tech industry orients towards making a profit, open-source technology is truly worth celebrating. It speaks to the passion that IT professionals share for building applications. And whether you’re looking for something for recording your voice or helping you build the top mobile casinos Canadathere’s free software for pretty much all purposes. But, obviously, some of them are more beneficial than others. Here’s our top open-source technology list to help you pick the best software for your various tasks. Let’s dive in.

1. WordPress – Open-source Technology to Build a Fully Functional Website

One of the top reasons why we use open-source technology is that it’s better than similar editions of paid software. That’s the case with WordPress. The platform that start... read more

The Critical Role of Predictive Analytics in Insurance

Insurance is as old as human civilization. There are records of a method of insurance called bottomry dating far back to 4000 BCE. This was a type of transaction where a ship was used as collateral by a captain to buy supplies on credit. If the ship or boat got destroyed by natural causes at sea, the lender had to take the situation as his or her loss. Lenders eventually began studying weather patterns to determine the likelihood of the captain returning with his boat unharmed. This was an early use of predictive analytics.

Insurance has grown much since the days of the bottomry and so has predictive analytics. A major aspect of this growth is the amount of data used by modern insurance providers to perform predictive analysis.

What Is Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics is a branch of analytics that involves the use of models and statistics to predict future events. It is not shocking, then, how important predictive analytics is in insurance.

History is riddled wit... read more

The Role of AI in the IoT Revolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a part of almost every segment of the market. From advanced cybersecurity servers to video games, AI has evolved and adjusted itself into everything. Currently, IBM holds 9 percent of the AI market share globally. According to a report by Statista, by 2024, the global market of AI will touch a worth of more than half a trillion US dollars.

Now, to understand how AI is influencing the IoT industry, let’s have a look at what IoT is and how does Internet of Things work? Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of things that receive communication and react. In short, IoT enables sensors of devices like appliances or smartphones to make them work wirelessly. Modern Smart TVs, ACs, even automated vehicles are the perfect example of IoT existing in our daily lives. Today, AI is used to make these IoT devices more efficient and capable. Moving forward, let’s discuss more roles of AI in the IoT industry.

More efficiency in smart home devices

AI consum... read more

Seven Pro Tips to help Remote Teams Socialize

Through the rise of remote work, more and more people realize that there’s a lot to be gained from not being physically present. This separation poses vast challenges for collaboration, but when you don’t see your colleagues every day, it can also affect how connected you feel with them too.

We all know that distance can make things difficult. It might not be easy to stay in touch with others, important emotional context gets lost or misinterpreted in a conversation where there is no face-to-face connection between parties–relationships with colleagues weaken.

You know that socializing is an important part of building good relationships on teams. Whether you’re based at one location or across different time zones, the key thing here is that there should always be some form of connection between everyone involved!

So you want to make sure your remote working team is always connected and happy? Today, we are sharing some pro tips that can help you increase workplace socializati... read more

How Much Is A Fan Worth?

It’s common for movie industry hotshots to thank fans on awards nights and tell them that they wouldn’t be able to do what they do without them. What’s much less common—in fact, nearly nonexistent—is when fans get to share financially in the industry they bankroll as well as call the shots themselves.

Assessing the Value of a Cinematic Experience

True, most movie lovers might not even think about benefiting financially from the movie industry themselves if they even ponder movie funding at all. Most of them wouldn’t dispute the price of viewing movies, especially as so much of it has gone to streaming. After all, can the experience of a film and the culture surrounding it really have a price tag? 

Many moviegoers would probably admit they get from the film industry what they pay for as they get to choose which movies to watch and endorse. What’s more, they would likely be okay with small incentives such as movie reward programs established by theaters being the only way most ... read more

Detection of Secrets in Source Code

As developers, one understands that secret detection can be very difficult as true secrets cannot be easily recognized. Mostly because these secrets do not share common features and have random high entropy strings. Even then, 99% of the time these random high entropy strings are a variety of false positives or example database IDs. Even if these secrets have fixed patterns, they are hard to detect.

This is the reason why detecting secrets can be such a huge issue. In this article, however, we will learn more about secret detection and how to avoid secret sprawl with the help of GitGuardian. If you are ready, let us take a look.

Can Code Reviews Help Detect Secrets?

While code reviews are perfect for overall checking and reviewing, they might not be the best solution for detecting secrets in the repository to prevent any data leak. Here is why:

  • The main focus of reviews is usually on the errors that otherwise cannot be detected automatically.
  • Reviews focus more on the diffe... read more

DJ Gear Really Is Becoming More Expensive

Setting yourself up with all the latest DJ equipment and gear can be seriously inspiring. Both for new and established DJs alike, nothing will get your creative juices flowing like a new gadget.

You may have noticed as of late that DJ gear, in general, is getting more expensive; some retailers are still selling things for way less than others, but hardware on the whole is going up in price.

Why Are Prices Increasing Now?

Logically, you would think that post-pandemic prices would actually be lower.  People have not been spending a great deal over the past 18 months and retailers are desperate to move merchandise. In which case, this would seem to add up to a market where prices should be going down.

In reality, they are heading in the exact opposite direction. Far from a ploy on the part of retailers to make more money, it is actually down to supply chain complications and scarceness of materials.

Component Costs on the Up

For example, the costs of certain materials t... read more

Why Alt-Data Is the Only Data for Cryptocurrency Traders

The number of cryptocurrencies in the world is proliferating, and there is a lot of hype surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is becoming hard for traders to keep up with the latest trends in the market. In addition, not all traders have the technical skills needed to analyze the charts and crunch data to find a trading opportunity. The most successful traders in the market have a deep-seated knowledge of the trade and the market. They use a diverse set of data sources to create a trading strategy. A lot of traders have been using Alt-Data sources to analyze the cryptocurrency markets. Alternative data is a hot topic in cryptocurrency trading, and traders have been using several data sources to do a thorough vetting of the market and Alt-Data is very popular in terms of better understanding of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by providing a variety of highs and lows, a line graph, and a live ticker. Alt-Data is a quick and easy place to access information that is not r... read more

Building the Factory of the Future

Disruption, innovation, and global connectivity are all reshaping how manufacturers deliver in today’s experience. Competition, unexpected events, and consumer demand put relentless pressure on manufacturers.

Infographic Courtesy of: 3ds.com

The post Building the Factory of the Future appeared first on SiteProNews.

... read more

What Is Cryptography and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Cryptography is a technique that keeps data secure from the outside world. Cryptography comes from two Greek words: “Krypto,” meaning hidden, and “graphein,” meaning writing. In other words, cryptography is the process of hiding information so that it can’t be understood without some know-how, usually by converting it to something else or by using an algorithm. Cryptography has been used for centuries to send secret messages – even during wartime! To this day, cryptography remains a vital tool in protecting sensitive data and preventing espionage.

What Is Cryptography? Why Does It Matter for Your Business?

What is cryptography? Why does your business need it? It ensures that only authorized people can read what you send over the Internet – whether they’re using email software or visiting webpages on your website! It prevents hackers from stealing your customer’s credit card information or other sensitive data. It protects your customer’s data and ensures that only authorized peo... read more