The Ultimate Guide for B2C Marketing


The world of marketing and entrepreneurship is full of witty strategies. Whether you’re a successful entrepreneur or an aspiring one, you must admit that the basic tenet of marketing corresponds with whom you are speaking with. With this regard, two major acronyms have skimmed influencing attention: B2B and B2C marketing.

You may wonder how distinct or significant both these strategies are or what they even mean? Here is your answer. B2B marketing stands for Business to Business marketing which basically considers businesses as the buyers, while B2C marketing works completely in the opposite direction. It means Business to Consumers hence it’s directly connected to people. The present digital marketing trend solely puts emphasis on B2C marketing. Therefore, let’s unfold how exactly B2C marketing does work and why entrepreneurs seriously lay hold of it.

What is B2C Marketing?

B2C marketing is a kind of form that grows business through making a direct communication with consumers. The basic motive of this strategy is to make business or create a brand value after being empathized by human emotion. In simple words, it tries to persuade people through conveying what specialty a brand or a business warehouse holds within and how helpful it would be for the consumers to use their products. Hence, the entire process of B2C marketing is quite challenging and fun as well, since it completely deals with people’s minds. Unlike B2B marketing, B2C marketing is carried out online.

Guidance to B2C Marketing

The main factor of B2C tailored marketing with funnel or pipeline marketing  is to draw in consumers’ attention as much as possible. And since “consumers” are the backbone, these following parameters have been considered as triggering factors.

1. Role of Content Based Marketing

90% of B2C marketing strategy makes a coherent partnership with contents as it tries to communicate with consumers like a human. Therefore, a vigorous emphasis is given on content namely blogs, vlogs, videos and articles, where the marketer tries to inscribe information or validates their brand to fetch users’ needs.

For example: While consumers rave for information just before the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, you may create a blog of popular stores that soar high discounts on their products. Similarly, when people are in pursuit of a trusted website domain, you can amalgamate relevant information from popular web hosts like GoDaddy or Namecheap and list concurrent offers from them. The main idea of content marketing is to generate blogs or something that will touch consumers’ “pain points”.

2. Improve SEO Ranking

As the key of B2C marketing equipoises with content, you have to boost SEO ranking in order to run the content successfully in Google. The most astonishing part is, even though the contents are rich and informative, lots of marketing houses severely collapse due to lacking knowledge in SEO. So, just keep in mind that without better SEO and SERP analysis, your content won’t rank well. Thus, uncovering the trick for a better SEO ranking is a massive gain.

3. Hosting Funny and Engaging Online Contests

Persuading people that are well-versed online is one of the most challenging tasks. All digital marketers are aware of how much pain and patience they have to carry to finally convince a user to push the ‘purchase’ button. However, in order to better branding of your company or products, arranging fun contests would be a great idea. Additionally, you can add a free gift for the winners. This could be one way to attract viewers to your marketing webpage. Even if they don’t buy during their first visit, at least they will encompass the website and decipher needful information.

4. Proliferation on Social Media

A strong base on social media has to be there to profuse with B2C marketing. In order to create a distinct identity, carrying out creative social media campaigns are welcome. Moreover, the marketer has to create separate accounts on all popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. If there is an extra potency of budget, paid ads can be placed. This is highly helpful to draw brand value reputation as well as retargeting old users’ attention.

5. Adding Free Gifts When Possible

This one works for the store based marketers. For example, a content marketer from Udemy wants to approach users’ with its learning courses. In order to provoke students and substantiate their reliability, a separate offer to avail free online classes could be attached with the main course. In the same way it could be informed that Kohl’s is offering an extra 10% discount for students and veterans. By way of free gifts on the site, the fame of the respective website would double up and so does the user’s plausibility.

6. Support Micro-Influencer Program or Make the Clients Ambassadors

Social media has made lots of stars. You can choose any of them after skimming through his/her steady fan base and request the person to endorse your brand. Another smart way to acclaim huge popularity is to convert one of your clients to an ambassador of your brand or product. This method has proven to be immensely successful.

7. Generate Membership and Loyalty Programs

Everyone loves gifts and loyalty feedback upon their purchase. Thus, in order to attract consumers’ attention, the marketer of a specific store may coin a membership or loyalty program. For instance, for every 10 points each consumer will earn $1 which could be used with the next purchase. If you’re running your own store based website you can experiment with the idea or make similar ones.

8. Make mobile friendly mechanism

The whole world is becoming more mobile friendly day by day and so does the consumer market. People love to tap on their smartphones more than on their computers. Thus, in order to shine in upcoming days of digital marketing, entrepreneurs have to adopt mechanisms to be more mobile friendly.

Hence, this is our B2C marketing guide in a nutshell. Obviously it does not include each and every detail but mirrors an overall excerpt. You can carry on with your research further as per your own interest. Best wishes beforehand for your entrepreneurial endeavor.

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