Top Endpoint Security Vendors


It’s hard to keep up with who does what the best when there are vast markets for every industry — including endpoint security. Endpoint security even differs from vendor to vendor, with some proudly offering EDR suites and antivirus, while others focus on specific functions, like endpoint management from an IT perspective. Luckily, you don’t have to do the research on your own, and you certainly don’t need to do any searching — because the top endpoint security vendors on the market today are listed below. Everything from the top comprehensive platforms to the best of the specialized security vendors can be found in this list, so all you have to do is compare! Check them out and give yourself the opportunity to protect yourself with the best of the best.


A robust EDR platform provider with solutions that fit your needs on every scale, SentinelOne is designed for the most comprehensive experience in cyber security. From detection of vulnerabilities in your network to the capability to investigate behavior on endpoint devices, the real-time insights from SentinelOne rival those of even other top endpoint security vendors. Deploying this vendor’s platform on the network or on the cloud is a simple matter, and its capabilities include remediation in the case of actual attack breaches.


Yet another vendor of anti-exploit software, Bitdefender centralizes management and security protocols for endpoints of all types: cloud providers, servers, desktops, and even mobile devices. Modular understanding of each protection in place, and each area of protection, drives their cyber security services and Bitdefender’s continual growth as an authority in the industry, and they continue to emphasize their strengths of anti-ransomware and detection of exploits.


Druva offers a platform called inSync, which unifies and governs data protection centrally for the management of information access. Whatever is dispersed across endpoints is determined first by inSync, keeping costs of sharing and potential threats at an all-time low in enterprise networks. Your most sensitive data is made to be visible and available to you while being protected from unauthorized access of various types. Enterprise-level backup services put this program at the forefront of necessary tools for companies with big data informing their activity.


Sophos’s proudest endpoint security offering is the Intercept X tool, which intelligently detects signatureless threats across endpoints. It targets exploits in applications and operating systems to keep even advanced ransomware from getting a foot in the door, providing high-end security countermeasures when such a program does make its way in. With an eye on enterprise needs especially, Sophos is a trusted provider of detection and prevention technology.

VMware Carbon Black

This acquisition by VMware is a tool that is specially made to protect against streaming malware and to offer EDR solutions in the robust, real-time action that’s required in enterprises today. VMware also emphasizes needing to replace the more traditional endpoint security software with a solution that they call Cb Protection. With custom API creation for your SOC team’s implementation, VMware Carbon Black is a tool that’s designed for collaboration and full-circle protection from joined tools as well.


This company’s virtual machine-based security platform incorporates the tools you know you need — firewalls, IPS, antivirus, and gateways — all as ways of maintaining detection and prevention of signature-based threats of various kinds. Threat intelligence is informed and executed virtually to provide fast and ideal responses to cyber-attacks that come your way. Additionally, FireEye’s claim to real-time defenses with their streamlined platform helps prove them an ideal choice for modern enterprise protection.

Trend Micro, Inc.

Protection of every device, from every threat, starts at Trend Micro, Inc., where the multiple layers of security protocol and machine learning aid in creating a proactive protection environment for your endpoints. There are also exploitation prevention capabilities, as the platform combines EDR and EPP solutions to defend against the most common threats and the most advanced. This vendor also offers services focused on cloud security in addition to its endpoint protection features to fit their belief in thinking about “security all the time”.


This vendor offers a cloud-based solution, LogMeIn Central, which makes it easy for endpoint management and security options to be executed in a remote setting with workers and devices all over the world, as well as on the premises of a traditional network. No matter the infrastructure, LogMeIn supports enterprises and provides them with significant centralized management options, including security monitoring, that help to reduce overall management costs and increase productivity.


Falcon Host, the CrowdStrike answer to EDR and malware defense, is fully integrable into a network’s native environment — making its detection and blocking capability regarding malicious behaviors more robust. It functions on- and off-network with next-generation antivirus capabilities as well as cloud security offerings. CrowdStrike even offers protection to your mobile devices in the same way, making it a clear winner among comparable security vendors.


A combination of features from LANDesk and Heat Software, Ivanti allows endpoint management in a less complex fashion that provides high levels of visibility for activity of all kinds across your endpoints, on corporate and personal devices alike. It allows for endpoint and network mapping, even the identification of IoT, to create a sense of security and management that’s not always present elsewhere. It’s also designed to enhance productivity in your enterprise’s connected services, allowing application control to ensure the most secure, productive operations between third-party services and your network.

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