Twitter Marketing Best Practices for B2B Companies


There is no shortage of channels B2B marketers can use to target potential customers and prospects. You can use several media ranging from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest. However, you cannot compare these platforms against one another because while some are great for marketing, others are the go-to choices for engagement. In this article, we will talk about Twitter marketing.

Twitter was launched in 2006 and became one of the most powerful social networking tools and search engines. The platform has millions of users from different parts of the world, who use it to find the latest information about various topics such as most popular esport games, including business-related information or simply political or economic news. According to research, it has been found that roughly 80% of the users are likely to discover new products and services here, out of which 52% will be the first ones to purchase them. Therefore, there is no denying that Twitter indeed has a reach for just about everything today.

What are the Best Twitter Marketing Practices for B2B Companies?

There is no doubt that Twitter offers a chance for B2B marketers to attract their potential customer base, improve brand awareness, and engage with prospective business clients from all over the world. Therefore, Twitter may be the best option for switching your business approach and reaching your audience on a massive scale. Here are some Twitter marketing tips that you can use for better B2B marketing results:

1. Identify Your Audience Base and Engage With Influencers

There are many ways to identify which audience base you want to target and approach appropriate Twitter influencers. Always start by fostering professional relationships. You can also look into potential leads by searching for specific keywords and terms that your target customer base often uses to describe themselves. 

Several online Twitter marketing tools can help you sift millions of users and narrow the list that fits right for your business. After you have narrowed down the search results, you can follow their Twitter accounts and engage with their content and tweets. Simply by replying, liking, and retweeting their posts, you will be able to turn this relationship into a professional one. 

2. Get Noticed By Potential Customers

Apart from influencers, you can also use Twitter to engage with potential clients and customers. There are three ways to do this:

One-To-One Approach

As the name suggests, this approach is where businesses have targeted conversations with an individual or business. 

One-To-Many Approach

In this approach, the conversation is started by one person and is directed to many others. This approach is often seen in traditional advertising and sends out promotional messages to more than one customer or client at the same time. 

Many-To-Many Approach

This approach is mostly seen in social media marketing and allows the conversation to reach a wide audience. The recipients can choose to actively engage with a response or listen silently. 

Relevance and consistency are the keys to encourage a positive and rewarding engagement with your customer base. Whatever communication style you choose, the messages must be personalized and tailored individually toward your audience. 

3. Answer the Questions

One of the increased Twitter interactions is customer service inquiries. The latest studies have shown that roughly 80% of customer service takes place on Twitter rather than other social media platforms. Therefore, it is a crucial task to answer the queries and questions of your customers to offer them a positive user experience and build trust. 

4. Understand Your Customer

A fundamental Twitter marketing strategy is to understand the likes and dislikes of your target audience. However, doing so is not easy – you cannot possibly monitor the Twitter profiles of every follower. Therefore, you can use various analytical tools to help you determine various aspects of your customers like the insights of their likes, language, and location, the type of content they share, the time they are most active on Twitter, etc. 

After you have figured these aspects out, you need to tailor your tweets to provide them with the best content at the right time. It is recommended that you plan your calendar and ensure that you post your content at the right time. There are several scheduling tools you can use for additional help. 

Another way to understand your target customers is to use the poll votes. By asking your audience to vote for their favorites, you will understand the likes and dislikes of your customers and tailor your marketing tactics based on the results.

5. Add Personality to Your Business 

It is not easy for B2B marketers to bring personality into their Twitter marketing campaigns on social media platforms. However, if you can develop a unique brand persona for your social media handles, you will stand out from your competitors. You need to look for Twitter marketing techniques that will work best for your business; knowing your audience will help you define the tone of your voice. 

However, you should be careful, lest your humor offends sensitive customers. You also need to remember that your audience will always have varying thoughts and opinions; therefore, you need to be very careful when it comes to controversial or subjectively humorous topics. 

6. Involve Your Employees

One of the best ways to achieve Twitter marketing success and build brand awareness is to involve your employees who are already committed to your company. The best way to start is to ask them to follow your company on Twitter, engage with the profile, and retweet the content. 

Your employees do not have to limit themselves to just one account either – they can create a work-related profile to engage with the company’s official Twitter profile. However, you need to ensure that the work-related profile is affiliated with the primary profile of your business. 

7. Drive Traffic to Your Website

You can encourage your Twitter followers to visit your website, asking them to click on the URL of your site. Additionally, ensure that you use trending and relevant hashtags. You can also share other relevant articles and pages with your followers. 

Doing these Twitter marketing services will improve your SEO performance. For B2B marketers, you can boost your company’s visibility and be placed higher in the Google search results.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned tips are just some among the many ways Twitter can be used for marketing. While the platform may have some issues, it is still a powerful and fast way to reach and connect with your audience. Having conversations with prospective customers and clients can help your company promote your products, company ethos, culture, and expertise. With the help of these marketing on Twitter tips, you will be able to make the most out of the social media platform. If you think that the task is not easy, you can always hire a professional to handle your company’s Twitter profile to help schedule posts, reply to comments and messages, etc.


Darrell Rios is a former journalist and owner of several local shops. Now in his spare time he writes about business and entrepreneurship, as he has extensive experience in organizing startups and business analytics.

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