Unlimited Web Hosting: Real or Just a Marketing Trick?


It is easy to get fooled by advertisements and marketing campaigns, after all, their main goal is to attract prospective customers to try and sign up for their offers. Such is the same reality that happens in web hosting. With its continuous rise in popularity, there has also been an increase on the number of companies providing web hosting services. Sometimes it is hard to pass up what may seem as a really good offer but every customer should do a research and understand what these companies are really trying to provide.

Here’s a common scenario that a lot of people might have already experienced by now: you are new in the field of website building and hosting and you’re basically clueless on where to start. You figured that the best way to learn and find out more will be internet and yes, a little online research gave you answers to the questions you have in mind. More than just information, you also found web host providers offering what may seem to be some great deals at an affordable price. And then this term will definitely catch your eye: Unlimited Web Hosting.

Unlimited is defined as being free from any boundaries, restrictions or exceptions and of course when companies use this term to describe the type of web host package that they offer, prospective customers would think that this is the best option to go for. But is it possible to have unlimited web hosting? Would this type of offer live up to its name or is it just a mere advertising campaign?

In reality every web host provider has restrictions when it comes to disk space and bandwidth. A site needs a good amount of storage where files and other data are kept and used in order to operate smoothly. The restrictions on the provider’s capacity can be considered as their limits and once they have reached this, they could no longer provide more space for their customers.

Most of these unlimited web hosting plans offer less restrictions and more disk space but it doesn’t mean that they are unlimited. In most cases, once a site has reached the maximum amount of bandwidth and disk space allowed, it could experience server problems and other issues that could make the website unavailable.

In the end, the subscriber will be forced to change plans and pay more for a package that will be able to accommodate their web needs.

It pays to be smart when looking for web host providers. Determine early on how much web space will you need and how you can maximize it. Also, avoid jumping into the first offer; instead compare price quotes and offers from several companies and choose the one that will not only suit your budget but will be able to deliver your requirements as well. So the next time you see that word unlimited: stop, think and do a little research.