Very quietly, Oracle ships new Exadata servers

You have to hand it to Larry Ellison, he is persistent. Or maybe he just doesn’t know when to give up. Either way, Oracle has shipped the latest in its Exadata server appliances, making some pronounced boosts in performance.

Exadata was the old Sun Microsystems hardware Oracle inherited when it bought Sun in 2010. It has since discontinued Sun’s SPARC processor but soldiered on with servers running x86-based processors, all of them Intel despite AMD’s surging acceptance in the enterprise.

When Oracle bought Sun in 2010, it was made clear they had no interest in low-end, mass market servers. In that regard, the Oracle Exadata X9M platforms deliver. The new Exadata X9M offerings, designed entirely around Oracle’s database software, include Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M and Exadata Cloud@Customer X9M, which Oracle says is the only platform that runs Oracle Autonomous Database in customer data centers.

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