Web Hosting Terms You Should Know


When it comes to the field of computer technology, not everyone is well acquainted with the terminologies used and procedures involved. A number of companies that set up their websites often rely on the services of web hosting professionals to get the job done right. While this may be the easiest and most convenient option; clients of such web host companies must also educate themselves and have a basic understanding of the common terms often used in web hosting. New internet users can get easily intimidated because most of the words may sound very technical.

Here are some of the common terminologies used in web hosting and their meanings:

1. Domain Name
Think of domain name as your physical address in the world wide web. This is the name that will refer internet users to your website. The domain name is the one between the “www. “ and “.com”. You will need to have it registered in order to gain full ownership of the domain. Here’s a tip in finding the right domain name for your company: keep it short and easy to remember so that internet users can easily recall the web address right away. In most cases the domain name is already included in a web host package.

2. Bandwidth
One of the few important words that you should learn about web hosting is bandwidth. This refers to the amount of data transfers that your account can accommodate in a month. As the number of your site’s visitors increase, this also means an increase in file transfer. Every web host plan has a specified bandwidth and the provider may charge you a predetermined rate if you exceed the limit.

3. Disk Space
This is another term that you’ll often see on web hosting packages. It is the amount of space assigned by the host provider for your website. The amount of disk space depends on the site of your website. You can start out with a starter web host package and just change into a new one as your site continues to gain a good presence online.

4. Shared Web Hosting
A type of web hosting where multiple clients share the same server. Companies that are looking into launching a website for the first time often sign up with shared web hosting since it’s more affordable.

5. Dedicated Hosting
The other type of web host package wherein a server is used only by one entity. This means that all the resources and features of a server is not shared with the other clients.