What are the advantages of dedicated server hosting?


There are many benefits of dedicated web hosting:

Increased Speed and Performance: When you use a dedicated server you benefit from the fact that your business has a server dedicated to your website, and your website only. In other words, there are no other websites sharing the server’s resources. Bear in mind that when your website relies on a shared server, it will be vulnerable to the usage of all the other websites with which you share the server. The more active those websites are, the slower your own website will be. Additionally, if a few of those websites suddenly experience a surge in traffic, you could find your own website taking an eternity to load.

Greater Capacity: Because your business has its very own server, capacity is basically unlimited, or at least, it’s only limited by the actual size of the server you have. Because you don’t have other websites sharing the server, it’s highly unlikely that your server will ever crash, even if you have several complex features within your website.

Security: Reputable Web hosting also eliminates the risk of others being able to view or interfere with your sensitive business files. On the other hand, when your business depends on a shared server, there’s always a small possibility that the security of your website could be compromised if a hacker manages to gain access to any other website being hosted on the same server as yours.

Control: When you have your own server you automatically have full control over anything which happens on the server. In other words, you decide which scripts you choose to allow, and of course, you also get to decide which online activities should be allowed. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to get dedicated hardware which is provided specifically for the server you have, and of course this hardware can only then be used by you. Also, you will be the only one to decide whether the hardware requires any upgrades or customized changes.

Reliability and stability: Reliability and stability are other benefits of dedicated hosting. There is a high level of reliability because there is comparatively less number of people using the server than the shared server. The loading time and the time of download or upload also improve. With less congestion and less number of people using the applications, the reliability on the server dramatically increases.