What Are The Best Sites for Buying Premium Domains?


There are plenty of domain selling marketplaces out there. The biggest difference is the fee you’ll need to pay for registering and the commission for each transaction.

Here are five, in my opinion best domain marketplaces:

1. NameCheap Marketplace

– Fee: $0 Commission: 0%

2. Sedo

– Fee: $0 Commission: 10-20% (from seller)

3. Flippa

– Fee: $15/month Commission: 5-15% (from seller)

4. GoDaddy Auctions

– Fee: $4.99/y Commission 10-20% ($15 minimum) (from seller)

5. NamePros

– Fee: 5-10/month Commission: 0% (from seller)

Now, before you go to any of these to buy/sell domains, I’d recommend doing a couple of things first:

1. Research the seller

For instance, do they have a social media presence or a blog?

2. Research the domain

Has the domain been penalized by Google before (check Open Site Explorer)? Is the domain using a trademarked name? Has it been sold before (http://www.domaintools.com/buy/sales-history/)?

3. Social media profile availability

Depending on your business, you’ll probably want a Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or some other social media connected to the domain and website. If you can’t do this, it’s going to be hard to brand your business.

4. Consider an alternative domain

If the seller is not interested in selling or is asking for too much money, you can always try an alternative name.

5. Don’t “low-ball”

Unless you want to piss off the seller with your offer, don’t low-ball him. Buying a domain requires careful negotiation and though you don’t have to accept the first price, don’t insult the seller either. Send him a reasonable first offer to see that you are serious.

6. Have patience

Don’t give up if the seller is not accepting your first offer. Sometimes, these things can stretch for weeks or months before you close the deal finally.

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