What are the most secure cloud storage solutions?


Using a cloud storage service can be very helpful, but what is the best cloud storage

service available?

Today, all of us have ever used a cloud storage service. As you surely know, this service is a kind of hard drive in which you can store different files, but instead of having a physical format, it has a virtual format, it is on the Internet.

That means that if you use a cloud storage service, you can access it from any device with Internet access, as long as you have the access data.

Besides being a very practical way to work on the same document from different devices, or to be able to view your photos wherever you are, it is also a highly recommended way to make backup copies.

So, it is clear to us that using a cloud storage service is highly recommended, but … which service should I choose?

If you have had time to find some information about the different cloud storage services, you will have realized that there are too many. This can make choosing the right service for you difficult.

Your choice will depend on many factors: space you want, type of extra tools you prefer and, above all, the price. For this reason, in this article we explain more about our favorite cloud storage services, hoping to help you choose.

1. Google Drive

Maybe Google Drive is the most well known distributed storage stage today. We definitely realize that all that identified with Google has an enormous number of clients. Likewise, for this situation it offers extremely intriguing capacities, just as similarity with numerous stages and working frameworks, it is additionally vital to say that there is no restriction of synchronized gadgets, we will essentially have a constraint of extra room in the cloud.

Beyond the payment plans that are available , we can have 15 GB for free. A limit that will permit us to have records, reinforcement duplicates and keep our significant archives consistently accessible. If you are keen on installment designs, the costs are as per the following:

100GB of capacity: € 1.99 each month or € 19.99 each year.

200GB of capacity: € 2.99 each month or € 29.99 each year.

2TB of capacity: € 9.99 each month or € 99.99 each year.

10TB of storage: € 99.99 per month

20TB of storage: € 199.99 per month

30TB of storage: € 299.99 per month

Some vital highlights of Google One (the paid variant of Google Drive) are that it will permit us to share our extra room with up to 5 different individuals of our family. That is, if we decide to buy the 200GB storage subscription, we can add family members to use this storage capacity, exceeding the 15GB we have for free.

We figure the 200GB stockpiling alternative to impart to relatives is probably the best arrangement out there today, in spite of the fact that in the event that you needn’t bother with that much, you can generallys go for the 100GB storage version.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a classic. We are confronting a well known distributed storage administration, which is available on numerous stages and has countless clients around the planet. It does not stand out especially for its free storage size, which is 2 GB , but it does have different payment plans that are very interesting for users. Additionally, there are generally strategies to acquire capacity without paying.

In the event that you are interested in the Dropbox payment plans, the price of the subscription for individuals includes 2TB of cloud storage for € 9.99 per month (but if you do it with the annual payment), if you want to pay monthly the price goes up to € 11.99 per month. Some vital highlights of Dropbox in its paid variant are the accompanying:

It allows you to synchronize files and folders on as many devices as you want, we have no limitation as it does with the free version.

We can make shared organizers and connections, furthermore, it permits you to send records up to 2GB in size with Dropbox Transfer

    It allows to recover accounts from 30 days ago, and also allows a file history of the last 30 days.
    We have offline folders for mobile phones, ideal for synchronizing them over Wi-Fi and having them offline.
    It permits the distant cancellation of records, and the pursuit of text in the various archives that we have.

As you have seen, Dropbox is a generally excellent help. It also offers a family plan to include up to 6 users. They also have rates for 3 and 5 TB professionals, with other characteristics such as a 180-day history.

3. OneDrive

Microsoft’s alternative is called OneDrive . As in the past case, it doesn’t stand apart particularly for its free stockpiling, since it offers just 5 GB . In any case, it is a choice broadly utilized by clients and it likewise has numerous plans with which we can extend the limit. Particularly for the individuals who use Outlook as their email supplier, OneDrive is an alternative to consider.

On account of Microsoft’s paid plans, there are a few plans that consolidate Office 365, which is truly uplifting news in the event that you utilize Microsoft’s Office suite.

100GB of OneDrive storage only: € 2 per month

Office 365 Home: 6TB of capacity in OneDrive and incorporates Office for PC and Mac (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook), permits you to add an aggregate of 6 individuals to this record, the cost is € 99 every year or € 10 every month.

We recommend you access the official website of OneDrive plans where you will find all its features.

4. Box

Less notable is the Box distributed storage stage . It is focused on both private clients and organizations. It offers 10 GB free with a greatest size for every document of 250MB, notwithstanding a progression of plans with which to grow the limit. One of the features is that they underscore security. We definitely realize that it is a factor to be considered by clients on the organization.

Box has diverse truly fascinating estimating plans, focused on both home clients and organizations. On the off chance that you choose to get a field-tested strategy, the yearly membership is intriguing since it has a 5% markdown contrasted with the “typical” cost.

The cost of the “Individual Pro” membership is € 9 every month, and incorporates 100GB of capacity with a greatest size for each document of 5GB. With this arrangement it does not merit utilizing Box, it is vastly improved to go to any of the past ones.

5. NextCloud

NextCloud is also quite popular . It is a distributed storage administration that has numerous clients and offers various choices to synchronize our documents on the Internet. It is additionally uncommonly intended for organizations and client gatherings. It has various capacity designs that can be fascinating.

NextCloud is only the file and folder synchronization software, if you install it on a remote VPS server, you will have the maximum capacity of the contracted VPS server. The equivalent occurs in the event that you introduce it on a NAS worker, that is, Nextcloud is a private cloud, where you should mount everything, except it is strongly suggested on the off chance that you need opportunity while picking a worker and/or specialist organization

6. pCloud

pCloud has applications for various frameworks, for example, Windows, Linux, macOS, Android or iOS, among others. It is an elective that has acquired notoriety lately. It offers various designs for putting away documents on the organization.

pCloud has two annual payment plans, but there is a very interesting plan that is for life. The final payment plans are as follows:

500GB of storage for € 48 per year. It incorporates the capacity to impart connections to others, and even permits a 30-day reuse receptacle.

2TB of capacity for € 96 every year. It incorporates the capacity to impart connections to others, and even permits a 30-day reuse canister..

There are two other very interesting plans that are “for life”, with a single payment and under the same conditions as the previous ones.

500GB of storage for € 175 one-time.

2TB of storage for € 350 one time.

If you plan to use this service for more than 3 years, it is clear that it is worth buying the pCloud “for life” plan.

7. Mega

Mega is a standout amongst other known other options and it has more stockpiling accessible free of charge. It permits you to have up to 50 GB without paying anything. It likewise offers numerous downloads and a genuinely complete substance the board. This is quite possibly the most utilized choices by clients. Doubtlessly it is intriguing to have weighty reinforcements and have all the documents consistently accessible from anyplace.

Mega likewise has serious and intriguing installment plans in the event that you utilize this help. These prices are very interesting if you need a large amount of storage in the cloud, since for € 20 per month you can have 8TB of storage.

Compared to other services, if you need a lot of storage space, Mega is the best you can hire, if you need little space it is very on par with others

8. Amazon Drive plans

Prime : one of the options is if we are Prime users. In this case we will have unlimited and free storage for photographs. They also give us 5 GB to save videos.

100GB – A top and very popular option is 100GB. It costs € 1.99 per month (€ 19.99 per year) and is ideal for users who want to have a backup of their images and videos without worrying about storage. With that capacity we have plenty for a common user.

1 TB : For those looking for something higher, Amazon Drive also offers a rate of € 9.99 per month (€ 99.99 per year) that has 1 TB of storage. It is perfect to have a large number of files always available on the Internet, without worrying about losing important documents.

2 TB : Amazon Drive also has its version of 2 TB of storage in the cloud. In this case the price is € 19.99 per month (€ 199.98 per year).

It offers many more options ranging from 3TB to 30TB. In this case, you have to pay annually and it goes from € 299.97 for the 3 TB to € 2999.70 for the highest, the 30 TB one.