What are the top 3 languages to master (in order) to build a strong foundation in programming?


A simple but effective answer:

  • [Python]: Learn Python first. It’s known as a introductory language and taught to beginners all over the world including top universities.
  • [C++] : Then learn C++ . After knowing C++, you’ll be like, ow, these are the stuff that I’d taken for granted. They had to automate this complex stuff in python for me, huh ?
  • [JavaScript]: Then learn JavaScript. Why you ask? Well, you gotta know how weird a language can be right?

Sometimes, one language might serve you till your death but knowing another might unfold your perception about any language. If you want to go deeper, learn C, the mother of them all, and the fastest. But with these three languages mentioned above, you can do anything, from web to cross platform software, Machine Learning, AI, Visualization, anything.