What are the top 4 programming languages in demand in America?


From what we’ve seen in terms of # of job opportunities:

  • Javascript: Not my favorite language, but it’s extremely versatile, and in use for both frontend and backend systems now that node.js has gained a lot of momentum. Lots of libraries to do almost anything. Even things that you shouldn’t need a JS library to do.
  • Python: It’s been around a while, it’s easy to learn, quite powerful at manipulating data, and has a great deal of academic library support for doing things like Machine Learning, AI, NLP, etc.
  • Java: It isn’t the greatest language, but at one point in time it was at the top of the pile. The language spec has stagnated, but there is a lot of code in production still written in and using Java. It also is useful if you’re going into Android development.
  • .NET: The MS version of Java, and now with Core/Standard support, it can run on almost any platform, not just windows devices. Its language evolves at a much more rapid pace than Java, and there’s a lot of support out there from the community.