What Are the Web Design Secrets for Better Ranking on SERP?


Do you want to rank higher on SERP for your targeted business keywords? Of-course, you do. Higher ranking on SERP can drive more traffic on your website, whom you can convert into possible customers for your business. No matter if you have a small website for your local business or a big eCommerce like Amazon or Alibaba. Here I am going to revel 5 web design secrets you should know for better ranking on SERP.

Responsive Website

70% of people browse internet through smartphones. So, if you want to put your business website infront of your target customers, you need a responsive website design. Through this you can provide a good user experience to your customers in all devices and can increase the chance of converting them into a customer. Even Google released an algorithm about responsive web design. Google penalize those websites who don’t have responsive web design.

Page Loading speed

No one likes to wait. If your website take more than 4 second in loading you will observe a higher bounce rate and rank drop of your website in SERP. So try to keep your website page loading speed less than 4 seconds, so choose a good web hosting service provider.


Proper navigation is a must for good user experience. If your website don’t have proper navigation — like in header, footer and breadcrumb navigation. Always make sure you have proper breadcrumb included with header and footer navigation in your website for better user-experience.


SSL secured sites are valued by users — and they are prioritized in search results. Indeed, Google warns users not to proceed to sites that do not have HTTPS in front of the domain name.

Better Content

Original content is valued by users and by Google. Search engines are programmed to find copied text, and to rank such pages lower in the search results. Keep your content scannable so your content readable score is high and this will help you to increase dwell time of your website.