What is a robots.txt file?


What is a robots.txt file?

In a robots.txt file, site crawlers are told with restrictions not to crawl certain pages or sections of a website.

In order to avoid your site being overwhelmed, you should deploy this feature. A website will not be prevented from appearing in Google or in any other search engine as a result of this extension.

Using the robots.txt file, you can prevent any unimportant page from being indexed in search engines. This includes blog labels, demo pages, and any other page on your site that you do not want to be found by search engines.

Why Robots.Txt File Is Important?

Among many other benefits for professionals, blocking undesirable pages and optimizing crawl budgets are among its most important functions.

Also, you do not need to add a robots.txt file to your website since Google will automatically find and index most of your website’s important pages.


It is a good idea to hide files that are of little or no value to search engines, such as those that contain little or no information.

The search engine should be able to manage your crawl budget effectively if a file used internally is hidden from it.

This is due to the fact that a robots.txt file must be added.

By blocking unimportant pages via robots.txt, you can manage your crawl budget. If you have a big website and are experiencing indexing problems, you might be experiencing. crawl budget issue in robots.txt, you can restrict the crawl of unimportant pages

Occasionally, you may want to block or stop indexing certain pages of your website. There may be a login page and O-Auth authentication pages, for example.

Pages like these are necessary. They shouldn’t be accessed by random people. When that happens, robots.txt becomes extremely important.

The robots.txt file can also be used to exclude certain types of resources from being indexed, including multimedia such as PDFs, Images, or Documents.