What is the Best Crypto to Hold for the Next 3 years Apart From Bitcoin and ETH?


This is not financial advice. This is personal opinion please do your own research.

I won’t just recommend one crypto because:

  • I believe in diversification. You should probably hold a basket of at least 10 cryptos to ward off non-systematic risk.
  • I think there are several good cryptocurrencies to hold that could make you a lot of money.

crypto-currencySo here are three cryptocurrencies I recommend. I could recommend more but I don’t want this list to get too long.

Divi Project

Divi Project is dedicated to making cryptocurrency easy to use for everybody. They are currently working on a new cryptocurrency wallet and it’s very slick. It will release sometime in the next few months and it really does look great. It has human readable addresses and the UI is amazing. The first thing they set up was a one click masternode system that gives users regular rewards for maintaining the blockchain. This gives Divi a wonderful advantage for holding for three years; even if the Divi market goes sideways you still make money.


This is the token for the Brave Browser. The Brave Browser is dedicated to protecting your internet privacy and fixing internet advertising. They keep ads from popping up but allow users to opt in to some ads and get paid in BAT. The BAT token will also be used in Brave’s upcoming wallet and for paying for their TOR browser as well. As long as the Brave Browser continues to gain users and the BAT token picks up a percentage of these users this token could really go places.


The governance token for Uniswap. Uniswap is the most popular exchange for DeFi. As long as DeFi and Ethereum are successful it’s reasonable to expect great things from this coin.