What is the best email marketing and sending platform?


Here’re 5 valid reasons why you should ignore popular email marketing providers.

Suppose you assume that MailChimp, GetResponse, or any similar well-known company provides the best email marketing platform in terms of value. In that case, you’re far from the truth and probably paying for an overpriced service. Here’s why:

  • You’re paying up to 5 times more for the monthly quotas while getting no additional benefit in functionality and features.
  • If you’re on a smaller plan – you get restricted access to top-tier features like email automation or customer support.
  • Platform with a mediocre functional and usually hard-to-use interface.
  • Daily limits
  • Highly restricted free plans with a small monthly quota

So what you’re suggesting, you may ask.

That’s quite simple – try out multiple platforms and compare. It sounds easy at first until you start the research. The objective analysis is complicated due to common biases, affiliate contracts on popular “Top X best providers” articles, and massive marketing campaigns by industry giants. That’s why you always see the same overpriced companies in hundreds of different articles and sites.

It gets hard to spot the genuinely unique and advantageous companies with sweeping products, and users end up overpaying for basic service.

Here’s what Sender.net

proposes – you’ll be amazed by the comparison. This is why Sender is the best pick when it comes to email marketing platforms.

  • It has a genuinely easy-to-use platform with a user-friendly intercase.
    • Managing email campaigns is as easy as shelling peas compared to the majority of popular providers.
  • Cost-efficiency without sacrifice.
    • Sender’s subscriptions are to x5 more affordable than MailChimp’s while providing every top-tier feature. A quick comparison with MailChimp – Subscription for 10,000 contacts costs $79 vs $23 ( without restrictions, including every feature and tool) Click HER
    • for a more extensive comparison with popular email marketing providers.
  • No discrimination.
    • Each user gets complete access to every feature, including free users.

By picking Sender, companies can save up to few thousands of dollars each year, and smaller businesses can enjoy free service with no restrictions or hidden fees.


managed to hit all the right spots and be the most desirable email marketing platform for all the following reasons.

  • Super clean and simple interface. Easy to get used to.
  • Advanced yet easy-to-use subscriber’s management system.
    • Powerful segmentation based on recipients action history
    • Subscribers profile with historical information.
  • Simple to create beautiful emails with a highly adjustable drag & drop design editor.
    • Multiple professionally deisnged customizable templates
    • HTML and plain text editors
  • Excellent reports & analytics
  • Email automation with great attention to detail.
    • Highly flexible system with many triggers and action steps.
  • Subscription form and popup builder with a few-click integration
  • Perfect deliverability
  • Integrations with CRMs, eCommerce platforms like WordPress, Zapier, and solid API for custom solutions.
  • 24/ 7 real-time attentive customer support

Here’s a short sneak peek from the interface.

Easy to use drag and drop builder

Stop overpaying! If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution that brings you all the necessary tools and features for up to x5 more affordable price, Sender.net is the best pick – see it yourself with FREE Signup

– no credit card required, all features enabled.

Professional marketers and beginners can use it equally. Sender is trusted by more than 100 000 customers and delivers more than 30M Emails daily.