What is the best idea to start an online business?


Virtually anything is a good business idea if it’s executed properly. I think anything can be grown or built if done right and you maintain persistence.

So, let’s distill down what doesn’t make an online business a good one?

High startup costs
Limited opportunity for growth
The idea doesn’t solve a problem or provide value
Think starting an online business is easy? It’s not. It’s extremely hard. But it’s totally worth it in the end.

There’s a common misconception that an online business is easy because they cost basically nothing to start.

Well, no cost means a ton of competition. Online businesses are pretty straightforward if you think about it.

Solve a problem and promote it. Rinse and repeat.

Want some motivation to finally start that online business? Or branch into a new one?

Top Online Business Ideas

Here are some amazing online business ideas that will help you build a business around your values. Not someone else’s.

  • Start an impactful blog
  • Become a video content producer for vlogging, streaming and podcasting
  • Sell digital products
  • Create a niche forum or directory
  • Start an e-commerce website
  • Sell premium or membership oriented content
  • Start a social media agency
  • Start an SEO or digital marketing consulting business
  • Build a “micro-media business” where you own a number of different media channels like blogs, YouTube, podcasts, etc.
  • Start a digital publishing business. You can either start all your sites from scratch and/or acquire websites over time
  • Sell WordPress or Shopify plugins
  • Try your hand at becoming a social media influencer (good luck, lol!)
  • Start a Software as a Service Business.
  • The list goes on and on. You should focus on an online business that combines what you know, what you love and what actually makes the most money.