What is the Best Web Hosting in Europe?


The best web hosting service is one that will be reasonably priced and have a strong reputation, as well as high quality support.

Your criteria should be the same, regardless of whether you’re hosting in the UK, Europe, the USA, or anywhere else for that matter. Service quality, reputation, and customer support are the three most essential factors.

You’re going to see a lot of offers for bottom-dollar hosting services, like GoDaddy, or EIG owned companies, like BlueHost and HostGator, but these should all be avoided.

These kinds of companies will advertise vague ‘unlimited’ services, which is pure marketing bait; they’re no such thing as ‘unlimited’ anything in hosting.

If you’re looking for the best hosting company, be prepared to pay that little bit extra. The amount you pay for hosting is returned equally in service quality; it’s worth investing if you want to benefit from better hosting.

The ‘best’ web hosts are the ones that offer the most useful services included in their pricing. We’ll use SiteGround Hosting as an example here:

Things like email, SSL Certificates, Domain Privacy, weekly backups, and DDoS security should really come as standard with a better WordPress host. Some lower-market companies will charge extra for these services, on top of their existing over-priced hosting.

Personally, if you’re looking for strong European hosting services, I would recommend independent providers like SiteGround and WordPress(dot)com.

Weigh up your options and don’t settle for mediocre hosting. Customer reviews will tell you what persistent issues are not being fixed within a company!